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Basketball Court Proposal

No description

Stuart Clark

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Basketball Court Proposal

Circulate a
Basketball Court proposal
Basketball Court on
Yateley Green
Most other sporting activities require you to pay for the venue. E.G Tennis. We want this to be free to the public, as we feel that people don't always want to have to pay to do fun and active sporting activities. We also understand that the School is planning to build some outdoor basketball hoops. We are pretty happy with this however our earlier point prevails it wont be free to use for everyone.
Key Points
We have very high demand for this proposition. Nearly all the Yateley school Basketball team expressed interest in this idea (However some were a bit sceptical). We want to prove that with sufficient voice of the masses this can be achieved. Not only were my Team intrigued most of my sport loving friends thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved in a new type of sport. Maybe for the more mature among the community it could be used as a tool to get fit ? The possibilities are endless !
We understand that the PE department are planning a similar sort of project in school. This of course is brilliant however the court could not be accessed 24/7 and so wouldn't be accessible to the public. Our court could change that.
With the digital age of this generation, children are becoming less and less active. With an addition of a basketball court, children and teenagers would be able to get some fun physical activity outside of school. it would help children and teenagers get into shape.
Dear Sir(s), We feel as active members of the Yateley youth community that there is a lack of outdoor sports in Yateley. Especially on the green which in our eyes is the hub for the Yateley youth community. Of course we are aware of the Football pitches and the tennis courts, and also festivals like Gig on the Green and the May Fair however there is nothing exciting and new on this fantastic piece of park. We feel that a concrete outdoor basketball court would really benefit the community and bring the youth together in a variety of ways. We realize that the Green itself is virtually untouched in terms of permanent structures however a 32 by 52 court would be unobtrusive and fit snugly into the green campus.
This is the sort of project that (in an ideal world) would be perfect for us. It is durable rugged and safe. however we do realize that this can cost a fortune and therefore would not be the perfect realistic option for us.
Dear Mr Jackman,

You may be wondering why we are 'selling' this idea to you. Well, we believe that the numerical backing of Yateley School, students and teachers, would significantly boost our chances of making this project a reality. With the backing of important people such as yourself and Heads of Houses, we can really inspire this generation. We would like to send out a petition in which the students state their name,. contact and signature to enable us to show the enthusiasm for this project to the Council.
These are the ideal templates for us. Simple and durable a 35 by 52 fully concrete basketball court with full court markings. It would be relatively cost effective and feature maybe a little more sturdy style hoops. It is free and open to all, with wildlife still nestling on the exterior. This proves how little effect the court has on the environment and also how unobtrusive it is in the green itself.
Ideally, we would like for this court to be placed on the Yateley Green, as we believe that it's at the pinnacle of the the youth community in Yateley. What's more, it is right in the center of Yateley, therefore is easily accessible to everybody in the village.
These are the courts of Yateley. Sparse huh? As you can see, there is only one basketball court in Yateley which is not even available to the public. Therefore, we feel that there needs to be a change.
Our inspiration for this idea comes as follows.

My father kindly went out and bought a plush new basketball due to my sweltering form in the school team. Obviously I was enthralled, however then it hit me - where would I play ?. My garden was (as is the case with most houses in Yateley) too small to play in. I also didn't particularly want to pay for a full Sports Hall nor did I want to journey to Sandhurst. This was annoying. I had a fantastic new ball however I had nowhere to play. We needed to find a solution -fast (or at least until my basketball runs out of air). I discussed this with a number of the basketball team and we all came to the same conclusion: Let's ask for one. I liaised with a couple of my close friends and decided to put upon ourselves the task of manning a project which we would then propose to the school and the council.
Written By
Stuart Clark,
Michael Chacko
Stuart Clark
The Process
Gather a portfolio
of signatures
Present idea
to the town council
town council
arrange builders
etc etc
Call the newspaper
to gain publicity, and
have a grand opening

This ,of course, would be the ideal situation for us however if the council are not so compliant then at least we can say we did our very best to enrich the sporting activities on the green for the better ! We thank you for listening to our presentation and we would welcome any comments, suggestions and questions.
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