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Italy's Nationalism

No description

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Italy's Nationalism

Italy's Nationalism
Before Congress of Vienna
Causes of Nationalism
Founding of II Risorgimento
It was a nationalist newspaper founded by Cavour
It meant "rebirth" or "resurgence"
Also was the movement of Italian unification and freedom from Austrian control
Caused Cavour to have lots of power
Liberation from Austria
Cavour made a very powerful ally
He supported France in a war and gave them the provinces of Savory and Nice
In return France said they would support Sardinia in a plan for war against Austria
By 1860 the northern Italian states were liberated from control of the Austrian Empire
The Red Shirts
It was made up of Garibaldi and his followers
They used guerrilla warfare
Got control of the Island of Sicily by July of 1860
Got control of the southern parts of the Italian peninsula
Mass Emigration
Poverty and unemployment was a serious problem
That caused rioting in the towns, and violence
This lead to lots of Italins to start to leave Italy to move to America
By 1920 4.5 million Italians have emigrated out of Italy
Congress of Vienna
It caused a rise in nationalism
There was political boundaries that ignored national groups, and instead placed these groups under control of large empires
this also causes nationalism to grow in opposition
European Revolutions of the 1800's
They rebelled against Austrian rule
Seized Rome, and set up a republic that Mazzini and two other leaders governed
Forced the rulers of Sardinia to grant new a constitution
Sardinia remained independent
Timeline Of Events that Represent Nationalism in Italy
In Italy the causes of nationalism started with the fall of the Roman Empire. The peninsula was divided into several states that had their own government. Napoleon invaded many of these states but the unification did not last. The congress fell apart after Napoleon was defeated. The states split up again and nationalism started to begin again.
Italy in 1914
This is a chart that shows the positive and negative effects that Nationalism had on Italy
Nationalism in Italy was caused by many things. History was a big part. When the Roman Empire fell and states were divided. It caused problems and nationalism to begin. Lots of events in Italy's history made it die down and start up again like the Congress of Vienna and the Franco- Prussian war. Territory was always being seized and taken over by different people and rulers. As that was happening, nationalism was growing and unifying the people was well as tearing them apart. In 1858 to 1870 Italy unified as one. That causes people to come together. They started sharing ideas and beliefs. Lots of them were Catholic. It created a new culture and life in Italy.
They formed military alliances with Austria, Hungry and Germany
It was called The Triple Alliance
It was a very powerful group of countries
• Some Italians led unsuccessful rebellions as nationalism grew.
• Widespread, poverty, unemployment, and rising taxes led to rioting and violence
• Number of social and economic problems.
•Kept all parts of Italy united despite
the differences that distinguished them.
Split into three groups.
•Formed military alliance with Austria
Hungary and Germany.
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