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Copy of The AdWords Pitch


Tom Bombadil

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The AdWords Pitch

by Bryan Casson The AdWords Pitch What He Means! What He Says! The AdWords Expert How He Thinks! CPC save you time and money
can increase your online conversions
can drive relevant/targeted traffic
increase the quality of your campaign
provide feedback & reports
help you understand CTR CPM Conversions Quality Score KPI Clicks Impressions Bid Budget CPC CTR CPM Conversions Quality Score KPI Clicks Impressions Bid Budget I CAN GET YOU #1 ON GOOGLE! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! I CAN LOST
CLIENT Where Do We Start? ? Research Know Your Client! Have A Budget In Mind Audit their website

Find out about their industry
Know their history
Know their products/services
Show an interest

Look at the structure
Look for errors
Audit the titles
Terms & Privacy mandatory! Keyword Research
Establish keywords according to website content
Look for lack of target keywords
Use the keywords tool to suggest keywords Competitor Research
Are they running ads?
What keywords are they using?
Which keywords are performing?
Use spy tools with caution!
Make use of Google Engage coupons
Determine industry size and competition NOT EVERY CLIENT
Professional Sales
Guru Who To Send? CEO? What To Charge? % Set Monthly Fee Performance Revenue
Not good for small clients
Decent revenue for large clients small clients
niche industries GOOD NOT GOOD competitive industries
high maintenance campaigns thank you Grant - adcafe.co.za high revenue
shows your expertise GOOD NOT GOOD contains some risk Keyword Tool Presentation Pitch Library Valuable Tools BE TRANSPARENT DO NOT BE GREEDY COST IS FLEXIBLE Adapt To Environment SIDE NOTE SIDE NOTE KEEP IT SIMPLE KEEP IT
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