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Cell Analogy

Animal and Plant Cell Analogy

Mya Styles

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

Cytoplasm Function
Helps control, transport, and supports all organelles
The cytoplasm acts like a car Plasma Membrane Function
Seperates cell from outside.
Controls what goes in and out of cell.
The plasma membrane acts as a door Cell Analogy Nucleus Function
Contains DNA
The nucleus acts like a brain Cytoskeleton Function
Maintains cell shape
Moves cell parts
Help cell move
The cytoskeleton acts like bones Nucleolus Function
Makes RNA
The nucleolus acts like a bilingual translator By: Mya Styles Animal Cell Mitochondria Function
Converts chemical energy in food to usable compounds
The mitochondria acts like a car engine Lysosome Function
Breaks down and recycles macromolecules
Lysosome acts like Lysol spay Ribosome Function
Synthesize Proteins
Construction Worker Flagella Function
Helps cells and microorganisms move
The flagella are like propellers Cilia Function
Move liquid past the surface of the cell
The cilia acts like an oar Golgi Apparatus Function
Modify, sort, and package proteins and other materials
The golgi apparatus acts like a factory Endoplasmic Reticulum (Rough) Function
The rough endoplasmic reticulum manufactures membranes and secretory
the rough er acts like a processing plant Endoplasmic Reticulum (Smooth) Function
Carbohydrate and lipid synthesis
The smooth er acts like a processing plant
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