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janet peng

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of GEOGRAPHY

Wildlife Adventures
By Sarina Wong and Janet Peng
Soil and Vegetation
Human Activities
We are asking for:
Work Cited List
Attractive Qualities #1
Attractive Qualities #3
Attractive Qualities #2
Major cities in the Pacific Maritimes includes:
Prince Rupert
Glaciers and snow
Fjords from the coastline of BC to Alaska
Fjords- up to 190KM tall

Fjord- a long narrow inlet of the sea between high steep cliffs formed by glacial action
Warmest and wettest climate in Canada
600-4000mm of rain per year
July- 12-18 oC
January- 4-6 oC
Summers average about 13 oC
Winters average about -1.5 oC

Red Cedar (the official tree of British Columbia
Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, and Garry Oak make up most of the forests
moist soil
summer: frequent spells of sunshine
dry period influences the type of soils found over the wide range of landforms in the region, particularly in the south at low elevations.
vegetation is a coniferous forest blanket
Steller's jay (Official bird of BC)
Black bear
Harbour seal
Tufted puffin
Mountain lion
Killer whales
The city of Vancouver
The city of Victoria
Mountains in the Pacific Maritimes
Fjords in the Pacific Maritimes
Red Cedar trees
Steller's jay
Killer Whales
Financially sustainable
low start-up cost
low maintenance
economies of scale
growing industry:
In 2012- over 17.9 million overnight visitors in British Columbia including about 4.3 million international visitors
In 2012 $13.5 billion in revenues generated for tourism
A lot of employees in the industry
From 2002-2012 the industries revenues increased by 40.5%
Targets a large audience (about 25% of the world's population is under 18)

Pacific Maritimes Chapter
Uses specific qualities that are unique to the Pacific Maritimes
Hot springs
Competitive edge
Location is close to airport and hospital
Sand Spit Airport
Queen Charlotte Islands General Hospital (6 minutes by helicopter)
Environmentally sustainable
No destruction or changing of the land
as eco-friendly as possible:
littlerless lunches


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$1,500,000 for 50% of our revenue until you get your money back
You will get 25% of the revenue after you get your invested money back
Safe, fun environment for the education about the environment and sustainability
for the fostering of appreciation and love for the environment
focus on next generation: kids
more education=more caring people
more caring people=smarter consumers
more sustainable world
3 day overnight workshop for the youth
Mission Statement

Children from ages 3-10 can join us to experience:
• Beauty of the mountains in the Pacific Maritimes
• Beauty of the natural Fjords
• Animals in our natural environment (such as killer whales and black bears)
• Forest hiking trails and scenic landscapes
• Camping, picnicking, and biking (skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding in the winter)
• The rare hot springs found in the pacific Maritimes
• Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

Children from ages 11-18 can join us to experience:
• Beauty of the mountains in the Pacific Maritimes
• Beauty of the natural Fjords
• Animals in our natural environment (such as killer whales and black bears)
• Zip lining through scenic landscapes
• Caving and adventuring through the Pacific Maritime’s unique caves
• Camping, picnicking, and biking (skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding in the winter)
• The rare hot springs found in the pacific Maritimes
• Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

The Pacific Maritimes
$500 per child
10 children per group
2 groups (ages 3-10 and 11-18)
$10,000 per session
2 sessions a week
52 weeks a year
$1,040,000 per year

$630 cost for 2 groups (for equipment rentals, food transportation, etc)
6 employees $150 per person per session
$1,530 per session

$10,000-$1,530= $8,470
$880,880 per year

We will pay you back in 3.5 years
$220,220 for rest of the years
This money will go towards:

Buying a site for the campers to stay in:

Advertising and marketing:

Start-up fund:

Emergency funds:
How we will manage risk:

Financial Risk:
Operational Risk:
Strategic Risk:
Compliance Risk(Legal Risk): N/A, we plan on following the law
Other risks:
Flora + Fauna
Types of activities
Difficulties+Risks (the struggle is so real)
Queen Charlotte Islands General Hospital
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