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GTA Presentation

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Ben Hommerding

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of GTA Presentation

Create Classes That Matter
Technology Innovation Problem Solving
Inspired by 4th Graders and Google's Philosophy of "Don't Be Evil!" Let our students use the power of Google Apps to fix the worlds problems!
What Will We Do?
What Else?
Create a Problem Solving Geek Squad to help other teachers, students, administrators, and community members with their problems even if they are not tech related managed on a Google Site.
So What? It's just Another Class.
We will also attempt to tackle systemic issues within our district that greatly affect our students education!
Think about what problems your school or education faces. If 4th graders can solve global warming in a week, what can your students do in a quarter, semester or year?
John Hunter's World Peace Game
1. Create a School News Channel using online tools
-YouTube for Publishing
-WeVideo for Editing
-Chromebooks and older PCs
2. Create commercials for Local Businesses and Marketing Materials for our school district.
Video Editing!
App Design
Create new apps on mobile and/or Chrome even though we have little to no experience with coding!
Students will have 20% Time throughout the semester to work on whatever they want.
With their varied backgrounds and the use of all the Google Apps, students will be content creators, leveraging individual strengths to improve the outcomes! The will reflect on the work they do using Blogs!
Like What?
How about creating a meaningful, understandable grading system?
Creating a new way to schedule classes to allow for more freedom of choice and less overlapping of services?
How is this different?
Because students are figuring it out! When was the last time students were allowed to plan things on this level?
Inquiry Based Learning that has meaning to the students!
Project Loon
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