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Amelia Earhart

A serious, very SERIOUS prezi.

Isabella Montell

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart
2. Who Influenced Amelia To Fly?
In 1905, the girls' father got a job in Des Moines, Iowa, working for the railroad. Mr. and Mrs. Earhart moved to Iowa, but the girls stayed behind with their grandparents for three years, finally moving to Iowa in 1908. And it was in Iowa that Amelia saw her first airplane. But something about that airplane stuck in her mind and leapt back out years later, firing in her a desire to achieve what few others had: flying an airplane.In 1922, she began trying to break flying records, most of which were held by men. Long a believer that she could do anything a man could do, Amelia set about trying to make a name for himself by flying.
She moved to Boston and continued working to promote the idea of women flying.
On April 27, 1926, she began a life totally in the public eye. It was on that day that Captain H.H. Railey called and asked her if she wanted to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Her answer was, of course, yes.
Who Is Amelia Earhart?
Where Do We Think Amelia Is Now?
A team looking for remains of the airplane in which famed aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937 says it may have found the wreck in a small Pacific atoll. Many have believed she was in the Bermuda Triangle, but we don't really know. Many have searched for her, but the missions all have failed. We have made a grave in honor of Amelia.
1. What are the traits of Amelia Earhart?

A few of them are, determination: Even though Amelia failed on the first attempt on her roller coaster she insisted on trying again until she was successful. Amelia was determined to learn how to fly and she did not give up.
Courage: She rode horses, long boy sleds, and rickety homemade rollercoasters. Amelia wasn't afraid to fly and she was very courageous because she was ready to fly solo and she did it.
Imagination: Amelia said goodnight and patted her plane on the nose like it was living. Amelia had imagination because she used to stand pretending that she could fly.
Independence: Amelia was independent because she wanted to learn how to fly a plane but her father did not pay for her lessons so she had to get a job to pay for the lessons. She could not depend on her father because he was never around.
Lastly, honesty:Amelia was honest with herself because she knew she could not fly solo yet so she did not. She did not tell anybody if someone told her a secret.

Amelia Earhart is known to be the first woman pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, and one of the most famous women known in the world.
3.What Is The Significance Of Amelia Earhart?
Amelia Earhart was a woman pilot in the 1940's which was rare. She shattered the stereotypes of what women who were supposed to stay at home and keep quiet. Not only was she famous for being a woman pilot but was also famous for breaking many records men pilots haven't broken yet.
By: Isabella Montell
Pictures Of Amelia's Last Flight
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