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Dizzy Gillespie

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on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie/John Birks Gillespie
He was Born on October 21, 1917 in Cheraw, South Carolina. He played the Trumpet, and the vocals.
His Famous Songs
Some of Dizzy's most Famous songs are, "Groovn' High" "Salt Peanuts" " Oop Bob Sh' Bam" " A Night In Tunsia" and many more.
Dizzy's Style*
Dizzy is probably most famous for the music he created with Charlie Parker. This style was called Bebop. Bebop was a reaction to swing music and this music was distinct for its dissonant harmonies and poly-rhythms.
Sadly, at the age of 75 he Died on January 6, 1993 of pancreatic cancer.
Thank You For Watching this Presentation Of Dizzy Gillespie
Bebop was great for Dizzy. He was now a successful Bandleader, had many famous songs and was a successful trumpeter and vocalist. With his distinct features such as his cheeks and his bent trumpet he was know around the Globe.
Dizzy Gillespie
* and Charlie Parker's they worked
on this together
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