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Presenter notes

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Skillsloft Design

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Presenter notes

Presenter notes
on your PC

TV / Monitor
Firstly, if you haven't already... download Adobe Reader,
free PDF viewer
Make your speaker notes in to a PDF

You can use Adobe Acrobat or MS word to make a PDF plus many other ways
So you want to use Presenter Notes while
also showing your Prezi?

Using the Skillsloft App for PC you can drive your portable Prezi and have PDF notes moving as well
PDF Reader
Extended Screen on PC
You can show the notes on your Laptop and the Prezi on the projector / monitor (extended screen setting)
Portable Prezi
PDF Reader
learn how to extend your screens here
If you're not sure how to extend the screen...
with a portable Prezi
Now you can with this simple App which uses a portable Prezi and Adobe Reader
How do I you use it?
- Run the portable Prezi
- make Prezi and notes full screen (Prezi = '0' / Reader = Ctrl 'L') on each side of the extended screen.
- Run the Skillsloft App .exe
use left and right arrows on keyboard - >
buy the full version here:
moves both at the same time..
PC only..
Alt & Esc to close App
Alt & Esc to close App
- Run the Adobe reader file (presenter notes)
Free basic timer App
get here:
Look for little icon in taskbar
Thank you
Press 'T' to show it again if closed
Alt & Esc to close the Timer
This product is not supported by Prezi..
Not supported by Prezi..
Sorry no longer available
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