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The Noble experiment

by Jackie Robinson told by Alfred Duckett

Geena Burgess

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Noble experiment

Your friend borrows your sweater without asking Let it slide Talk it over Loose your temper You overhear two
people criticizing you. You find out that other
people know a secret you
only told one friend When you Summarize a story, you write a short version of it in your own words. You restate only the Summarizing Main Ideas and most important details. Use these questions to create a summary. #1 is done as an example 1. 1910, South Bend, Indiana Branch Rickey saw the humiliation of Charley Thomas, an African-American player who was refused a room at a segregated hotel. 2. Considering a new experiment What happened? Who was involved? Why did it happen or why was it important? What happened? Who was involved? Why did it happen or why was it important? 3. The tryout What happened? Who was involved? Why did it happen or why was it important? 4. Meeting with Sukeforth 5. Meeting with Branch Rickey What happened? Who was involved? Why did it happen or why was it important? What happened? Who was involved? Why did it happen or why was it important? Motivation: To bring African-American Players into Major-league baseball, Branch Rickey had to take careful steps. Below is an outline of Rickey's steps. Next to each Action, describe the reason, or motivation, Rickey had for taking it. See the example given: Action Reason 1. Searched for a player who could
take possible abuse 2. Pretend that the Dodgers were
organizing a new black league. 3. Asked Wendell Smith if three leading
black players were good enough to play
in the Major leagues. 4. Sent a Dodger scout to bring
Robinson to Brooklyn. 5. Investigated all aspects of Robinson's
life. 6. Told Robinson about the problems he
would face 7. Called Robinson foul names 8. Offered Robinson a contract to play
on the Dodger's farm team. Rickey expected that some people would
treat the first black player badly. The Noble Experiment pg. 289 Vocabulary Exercise: 1. In Fairy tales, the _______________ in an animal that usually behaves shrewdly.
a) gopher b)fox c) chicken d) bear 2. The opposite of "to retaliate" is to _______________.
a) get even b) get upset c) chicken d) forgive 3. An integrated neighborhood is ______________ to people of all races.
a) open b) new c) old d) closed 4. If you are speculating about the future, you are _______________ it.
a) betting on b) counting on c) guessing about d) forgetting about 5. cynical people usually ______________ the truth of things they hear.
a) exaggerate b) respect c) doubt d) contemplate 6. An insinuation is a particular type of___________________.
a) hint b) ceremony c) greeting d) answer 7. If you suspected a story was not ___________________, you would be incredulous.
a) long b) false c) short d) true 8. If you taunt people, you tease them in a _________________ way.
a) harmless b) kind c) mean d)absent-minded 9. Your ultimate goal is the one that is ________ important to you.
a) most b) somewhat c)least d) not 10. Eloquence is a quality that a _______ tries to have.
a) speaker b) umpire c) swimmer d) hunter Journal Topic: Do you consider sports an important part of American life?....Why or why not? Because _(person)__________________ (did/saw/heard/knew)__________________________
________________ decided to ____________________. When_________________(did/saw/heard/knew)____________________________________ it was an important moment because it lead to _____________________________________ and__________________________________. A. B. Branch Rickey witnesses discrimination against one of his black ball players. Branch Rickey decides
to integrate baseball. Branch Rickey decides
That Jackie Robinson
should be the first Major league base ball player. Jackie Robinson went to a "tryout" for the Red Sox but was never given a real opportunity. Past events Branch Rickey heard about
how good Jackie Robinson
is at baseball. Jackie Robinson is invited
to be the first black player in the NLB. Jackie Robinson was taunted by a little girl and called racist names. Jackie Robinson had to learn self control and good judgement. Jackie Robinson had the character needed to become the first black Major League Base Ball player. C.
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