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My interpretation of Woyzeck

A-Level drama exam Edexcel - exam prep - based on Woyzeck by Georg Buchner

Anna Starbuck

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of My interpretation of Woyzeck

Woyzeck Buchner's
intentions - show characters oppression
- highlights post war philosophies and art
e.g. "God's gone, everything's gone"
- show political and social messages that reflect his beliefs and his own oppressions. My overall
concept Staging Design
elements My approach Super objective: to show how oppression by the upper classes effects Woyzeck and his sanity which ultimatly leads to a targic end
- Stylized
- symbolic
- links to Buchner's intentions
Set Costume Lighting Sound special effects My Interpretaion scene 1 - woods
scene 2 - M admire DM
improvised scene of DM giving Marie earings and kiss on cheek
scene 4 - W sees M with earings
scene 3 - Fairground
scene 7 (Marie POV) - Rape
scene 18 -M read from bible (nightmare)
scene 5 - W shave C
scene 6 - W & D
scene 15 - DM beats up W
scene 16 - W & A
scene 9 - D, C & W - finds out about M
scene 7 (Woyzeck's POV)
scene 11 - W & A
scene 10 - W confronts M
scene 13 - decided to kill M
scene 17 - W buys knife
scene 19 - W & A
scene 21 - murder
scene 25 - A monologue
scene 23 - Grandmother's speech - scene 20 over the top -W death Practitioners - Boal - Theatre of the oppressed
- Brecht - Epic theatre
- Artaud - Theatre of cruelty
- Craig - Symbolist designer - Minimalistic set
- Berkoff - total theatre - everything has a purpose
- anything needed set design wise will be created by physical theatre
e.g. during scene 1 chorus act as trees
- cyclorama at the back of the stage which projects key images
e.g. silhouettes of the DM and M performing a tango when W finds out about the affair
- UV paint splatted across the stage in the style of Jackson Pollack = symbolises W scattered and erratic mind - where symbolism comes through
- not specific time period
- make-up adds a dehumanising and absurd effect Design Concept Symbolic;
- reject naturalism
- use imagination and dreams
- make the audience enter their subconscious mind
- suggest ideas not didactic them
- Craig - use of flat screens What i want to convey; - Woyzeck loss in mental control through his oppression by DM, D and C and the betrayal of M eventually leading to a tragic end - Under G control - moves set and appears in multiple scenes as observer - ring master
(how will i show this? 'circus of terrors' effect - characters act and are dressed like clowns yet they have a serious role in Woyzeck's decline - hidden message caupeople may not behave as they appear - shown through the action becoming more absurd and the repetition of songs like 'Mad world' and 'I had a little nut tree'
- how the world is an absurd place and make the audience question their own views on a situation - the repetition of scene 7 - did she want him? did she deserve the tragic end Key scenes Scene 1 set - physical theatre trees
costume - chorus in black outfits and masks - puppets contorled by G
lighting - W has spotlight - very dim light to add an spooky effect
sound - chorus create sound collage
special effects - smoke machine to add to the spooky effect
Props - Andres is a puppet - adds to the idea of Woyzeck's insanity Scene 7 set - tatted wooden chair in downstage left
costume - starts out as white but as scene progresses DM changes it to a red costume - symbolism
lighting - red spotlight appears on Marie after the incident
sound - DM walks into 'Prince Charming' and backs out to a distorted - ironic
special effects -
Props - - mixture of live and recorded sounds
e.g. live - laughing and cheering as W kills M to make the audience question their mind weather M should die or not
e.g. recorded - intro songs - idee fixe
- fuses modern and contemporary songs - only applies to certain scene (as explained)
- adds to the atmosphere and to keep the audience engaged - use of strobe to show danger
- use of colors for symbolism
- used to represent night and day - adds to the atmosphere of the moment Scene 18 set - chorus - symbolises God
costume - chorus have mask to dehumanise them
lighting - use of red to symbolise her adultary
sound - as scene progresses holy music change into something dark and creepy
special effects - smoke machine to add to the spooky and the nightmare effect
Props - a bible Scene 23 set - physical theatre trees and sea - use of fabric moves as waves to symbolise W drowning
lighting - strobe
costume - chorus in black outfits and masks lighting - G in cape with a walking stick
sound - can hear a collage of laughing and W drowns lead by G
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