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Stage 4 Technology

No description

Aqeelah Khan

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Stage 4 Technology

Introduction to Stage 4 Technology
Stage 4 Technology
7.0 Technical Drawing
In this unit students learn how to draw a mosque using technical drawing
techniques and a Mechanical pen
Stage 4 Technology is the work for the curriculum of year 7 and 8 students in Unity Grammar Collage its is the different units and assignments being developed in technology. Units that are included: Technical Drawing, Who am I?, desk Accessory, Room for Improvement, Ramadan Calendar and How does your Garden Grow.

7.1 Who am I
In this Unit Students were to create a PowerPoint presentation of a country of their choice.

skills students learn during this unit:
How to use Microsoft PowerPoint
Research skills
presentation skills

Resources students require:
Microsoft PowerPoint
access to a computer
7.2 Desk Accessory
In this unit students build a desk accessory based on a specific theme and constructs it
using polymer clay. Students had a budget of $15
7.3 Room For Improvement
In this Unit students design a room using Google Sketch-up and built a model of it using recycled materials. Students also had to create a Power Point presentation explaing why we chose those certain interior desigin
In this Unit students are to create and design a calendar for the Islamic month of Ramadan using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Here is an example of one of the Calendars designed by Aqeelah Khan
Ramadan Calendar
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
In this unit Students are to create a presentation using prezi which will show what the students have to learn during year 7 and 8 for Stage 4 technology. Prezi is a cloud base presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas.
8.2 Information Kiosk
8.3 How does Your Garden Grow?
This is Stage 4 Technology

Thank You
By Aqeelah Khan

Skills students learn during this unit:
experimenting with different designs
Polymer clay techniques
Skills students learn during this unit include:
The resources students require:
Graphing paper
Picture of mosque to turn to
Resources we require:
Polymer clay
recycled object
Polymer clay tools: blade, rolling pin etc.

Skills students learn during this unit:
How to use Google Sketch up
Interior design techniques
Building techniques
Resources students Require:
Recycled Material.
A box
Access to a computer/laptop
Art material: paint, glue, wood etc
Google Sketch up
skills students learn during this unit
How to use Adobe Illustrator
How to use Adobe Photo Shop
Marketing techniques
Resources student require:
Access to a computer/laptop
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photo Shop
Access to internet
A3 paper
School information: phone number, address, Email etc
Ramadan 2013 Prayer times
Skills student learn during this unit:
History of information Kiosk
How to use Prezi
Resources students required during this unit:
Access to computer/laptop
Prezi account
2013 student hand book
Skills students Learn During this unit:
design techniques
Agricultural techniques

Resources students require:
Pot Plant
Seed Soil
Art Supplies
This unit is a group work task which includes students growing seedling, produce and evaluate ideas, as well as calculating if is is a sell-able product.
Here is an Example of a desk accessory Designed be Aqeelah khan
Here is an example of a room design by Aqeelah Khan
Here is an example of one
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