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My Internship at Saudi Aramco

No description

abdulrahman alzahrani

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of My Internship at Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco

Founded in 1938

Renamed in the 1940's

Leading company in the crude oil

Largest reserve of 260 trillion barrels

Value of the company is $10 trillion, financial times

the daily production of oi is 12 million barrels


Mission statement

-Saudi Aramco has no mission statement.

Vision statement

-Our commitment to remain the world leader in the production of petroleum-based energy is complemented by our commitment to help solve a host of pressing issues. We believe we can make a difference wherever we do business by investing in innovation and entrepreneurship, creating educational opportunities, powering economic progress, increasing environmental awareness, and working in partnership for energy sustainability.

Mission & Vision:
Saudi Aramco has established and built many plants that serve the demand of both oil and gas for the world.
Projects of the company
the values of company:
My Internship at Saudi Aramco
Corporate social responsibilities:
Locations and facilities
-Eastern province

-Other Saudi Arabia regions


product and services
Excellence: We pursue excellence in everything we do.

Accountability: We are accountable for our actions.

Citizenship: We support our communities and serve as a role model for others.

Safety: We strive to maintain the highest levels of safety as well as security, health and environment standards.

Integrity: We strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity in everything we do.

Ithra knowledge:
-1001 invention

-the energy efficiency pavilion

-heritage village

-the beautiful names of Allah

Traffic Support:

they do an annual campaign for the
traffic safety and awareness.
-Jazan Refinery and Terminal


-Shaybah NGL facilities


-The company is looking ahead for more exploration for oil fields and building new plants.

-crude oil

Natural Gas Liquid
SWOT Analysis
- Saudi Aramco has the world largest reserve for crude oil.
-it has an access to low cost for crude oil and gas production.
-the company has good relationships with other companies overseas, and even countries.
-the have the most advanced technologies for any upstream work.
-the employees have good compensations, the reflected the good work.
-well-organized company, the process of the decision making is very sufficient.

SWOT Analysis
-the access of the Saudi Arabian government to the world trade organization, could give many investment opportunities to Saudi ARAMCO.
- sufficient capital investment, the rise of the prices of crude oil.
-the demand for crude oil is increasing especially in Asia.
-the high demand for Aramco crude oil, after the libyan government reducced their productions capacity.

SWOT Analysis
-Sour crude oil.
-depending on selling for one commodity for one item, which is crude oil. these days they are starting to produce natural gas liquid (NGL).
-downstream capacity, relative to upstream is small.
the subsidies of the crude oil from the Saudi government resulted o have lower profit.

SWOT Analysis
-the rise of gas demand growth locally. and the drop of the supply growth of gas productions.

-the drop of oil demand, which can the results of the high prices of oil.

-new competitors.

Marketing Strategy:
-The company is planning to increase the pipelines,to reach more customers.

-The company is expecting to increase the production by the end of 2014, to meet the customers need of crude oil.
Marketing Mix:
Price: the price of oil is controlled by the OPEC organization.

Products: For Saudi Aramco company, the company has two main products for their operations. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Liquid.

Place: The company is selling their products locally and worldwide.

Promotions: They give to some customers the ability to pay on credit.

Undertaken Projects at Aramco:
-Download and evaluate the consolidated financial statement

-update the net wealth of the financial institutions and give them their limit

-To receive bidding from companies for one of Aramco’s project

-To attend one of the courses for Standards & Poor’s

-Review Bank guarantee

-Releases of shipment (ESCA)

Conceptual framework:
-Diversity is one of the issue Saudi Aramco is facing

-The percentage of female is lower than male

-the percentage of female in high position is lower than male

Evaluation of the internship experience:
-Gave the intern a cleared cloudy image of the interns mind

-have much better understanding of the real world of business

-Relevant information to the intern’s major, which has helped him in developing his career goals

-Took a lot of training that has enhanced his skills and abilities

-The supervisor give sufficient tasks to the intern that suited his level of experience

Finding and recommindations:
-Aramco Company has the largest field in the entire world, which is Ghawar

-The company is listed the largest company and the most valuable company in the world

-The company has more than 100 field of crude oil

-Companies that have diversity perform more than companies have no diversity

-Companies with more diversified societies perform 2.5 times more than companies with low diversification

-The intern learned a lot from having his internship program at Saudi Aramco

Abdulrhman Alzahrani
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