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Copy of Paddy Power-Guerilla Marketing

Waterford Institute of Technology work, for Integrated Marketing Communication subject

Shane Mc Grath

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Paddy Power-Guerilla Marketing

356 outlets in Ireland,
Northern Ireland and Great Britain
Different approach to betting
ACTIVITIES: sportbet, online betting,
casino, bingo, games, horse race. GUERRILLA MARKETING CAMPAIGNS UNCONVENTIONAL AND CONTROVERSIAL Paddy Power- one of the most successful Irish Company.
The unconventional ways to the marketing- attract the public attention,
get free media coverage and give a personality of their brand.
Get involved their costumers with their campaigns.
Paddy Power- most value for your money. PADDY POWER´S CAMPAIGN RYDER CUP (2010) Paddy Power and the 270 ft giant guerrilla marketing sign, promoting their brand name.
TARGET: Viewers of the Ryder Cup, TV audience- potential clients of the bookmaker.
OBJECTIVES: Free media coverage and publicity.
Impact on the audience.
Gaining the consumer's attention rapidly. MEDIA PLANING: september 2010 the Golf Tournament Ryder Cup.
CONSECUENCES: negative feedback. Paddy Power in the Court: the bookmaker lost the case and had to remove the sign. PADDY POWER OUTSIDE THE PASSPORT OFFICE Paddy Power gave the chance to all the people whose
passports were delayed to win a holiday in the Caribbean.

GUERRILLA CAMPAIGN: low expenditure.
Attractive and unusual
Unexpected and different

direct marketing

MEDIA PLANNING: march 2010, Dublin OTHER TECHNIQUES TV ads Billboards Sponsorship Mobile applications PR Internet campaigns Blind football team The ad with most complaints in 2010 – 1089.
Banned for encouraging animals’ cruelty and being offensive to blind people.
MAIN OBJECTIVE: raise a social awareness of the World Blind Football Championship. Paddy Power TV advert featuring Carlton Palmer TV campaign with a humorous approach to sports betting.
Carlton Palmer was selected through a survey by the network. BREAST FEEDING MAN, APRIL 2001 Banned for being offensive to women’s image
and sensitivity LAST SUPPER POSTER,
OCTOBER 2005 Banned for being
shocking and
offensive to

“Jesus might have all
the chips,
but Judas has something
up his sleeve.” GRANNIES POSTER,
APRIL 2001 One of the earliest campaigns.
Negative feedback – offensive toward the elderly.
Banned in UK after numerous complaints.

“Let’s make things more interesting” DESPERATE IRISHMAN’S BILLBOARD Positive image, social concern and community spirit
Huge media coverage even in US, Australia, Nicaragua Paddy Power and Tiger Woods Tiger Woods rejected the offer for 75 million US dollars sponsorship.
Even after losing big part of his sponsors,
Tiger Woods claims that he is not looking for new ones.
Paddy Power won more than just a successful sponsorship – free media time.
iPhone App launched in 2010 Followed by iPad and Android Application. WORLD STRIP POKER CHAMPIONSHIPS Set a Guinness World
record for the biggest
Strip Poker tournament.
Huge media interest -
repercussion on the web.
Organized every year. 1. Grannies Poster,
April 2001
2. Next Pope Betting in Vatican,
April 2005
3. Last Supper Poster,
October 2005
4. World Strip Poker Championships,
August 2006
5. The Tongan Paddy Power,
September 2007
6. Ronaldo Money Back Special,
May 2008
7. Tiger Woods Payout,
August 2009
8. Thierry Henry Handball refund,
November 2009
9. Dunguib Money Back Special,
March 2010
10. Paddy Power's Cheltenham sign,
March 2010 Bingham Cup
The Irish National Wife-carrying Championship
The annual Strip Poker Tournament
Catholic Church confession box …… MESSAGE CONTENT The controversy of their communication campaigns
Innovation – the key to the success
Gets the attention using shocking and unusual campaigns, often criticised WORD-OF-MOUTH EFFECT WORD-OF-MOUTH EFFECT WORD-OF-MOUTH EFFECT WORD-OF-MOUTH EFFECT !!! EVALUATION OF THE CAMPAIGN Generate a lot of free publicity which creates more brand awareness
Controversial and memorable
Paddy Power’s marketing strategy gives character to a product
Great mix of integrated marketing communication
Interactive campaigns – make the brand likeable and get people involved
Creation of an emotional appeal – WORD-OF-MOUTH HYPE THE END
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