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Korean Pop Idol

No description

Jessica Leung

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Korean Pop Idol

Korean Pop Idol

What does the job involve?
Singing, Acting, Modeling, Dancing, Hosting and Rapping
Award show performances
Variety shows
Fan signings
Photo/ Video shoots
Recording albums
Why become a Korean Pop Idol?
Live your dream!
Travel the world
Money, Money, Money (Cha-Ching!)
Work in a competitive, friendly environment
Interact with various people (fans)
Volunteer work
How much does a K-pop Idol make?
Lowest amount: 0-48 Million won ($50,352)
Highest amount: Approximately 10 Billion won in royalties alone. (1,042, 000 Canadian Dollars)
Work/Practice 6 days a week. Sunday's are free days
Competitive team oriented
Travel to different countries for tour
Vacations are rare
Work Environment
Benefits of being a K-pop idol
All expenses paid (living, transportation, medical etc..)
Money (both pro and con)
Job Satisfaction/ Stress
Explore new places and meet new faces
Have a personal assistant
Saesang Fans
Scripted life
Long work hours
Sleep deprivation
Low acceptance rates especially for foreign trainees
Short Career (Age)
School -to-work pathway
Most Idols require a High school diploma .
However receiving and University diploma is highly recommended.
Transferable Skills
Self Critique
Time management
Hosting/ People Skills
Sheet music reading and writing
Bilingual (Mainly Korean)
Extra-curricular activities
Volunteer at POPKON
Music lessons (vocal)
Korean Canadian Cultural Association(KCCA)
Everysing (App/Auditions)
However money should not be a motivation factor.
(3) How much does a K-pop idol make?
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(6) School-to-work Pathway
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(9) Job Satisfaction/ Stress
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