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Innovative Second Language Speaking Practice and Interactive

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Pamela Iturrieta Díaz

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Innovative Second Language Speaking Practice and Interactive

Innovative Second Language Speaking Practice and Interactive Videos in a Rich Internet Application Environment
English II
Babelium project students' guide.
A guide about the use of the system.
Tips and Tricks for executing the exrcises.
Introduction to phonetics. (A brief explanation of phonetic concepts)
Exercises on babelium project.com
Out of 36 English phonemes Spanish students only recognize 18 from Spanish.
(Goldstein & Iglesias, 1996)

Pronunciation practice
: A video showed isolated words from Student's Book and they're displayed for 3 or 4 seconds each and students must pronounce each one during this period of time.
Reading Aloud A:
A clip of a novel is divided into shorter fragments displayed during 13-15 seconds each. Students must read the adaptation, observing the allocated time.
Reading Aloud B:
A video fragment from a novel suitable for B2 level is shown to the students for 5 minutes and the procedure is similar to the exercises above.
Students must create a short film (2' 30") using a webcam, smartphone or any other video recording device, on the basis of 6-8 frames. The have previously selected from the storyboard of the novel.
English III
Babelium project students' guide.
Exercises on babelium project.com
Storyboard of the novel
All the students needed a computer connected to the internet, a webcam and a microphone.
Describe a new method applied through the use of interactive videos and the Babelium project Rich Internet Application (RIA)
This project allows students to practice speaking skills through a variety of exercises and has increased the hours devoted to speaking practice compared in previous years.
The IPA is one of the most widely used methods of teaching the pronunciation of the English language.
Researchers have identified the complexity of speaking correctly and have recognized the key components of oral production.
Theoretical background
Babelium emerged with the aim of integrating users in an international community to practice their L2 oral skills, since it is probably one of the most difficult skills to acquire and train.
Theoretical Background of research
Experimental research using Babelium project to support real life practice in English as a second language with the aim of improving speaking skills.
Qualitative Research.
Based on an innovative application to engage students in improving their speaking skill through real practice.
Type of research
The experience was carried out with two groups of students who were doing the subjects English II and English III, both from the BA of Pre-Primary and Primary Education at the Public University of Navarre, Spain.
English II: The study used a subgroup of 30 students from the repetition group (98 students, divided into three groups)
English III: The second course of the BA, with 240 students divided into four groups. One group with 60 students participated in the study.
Babelium Project has allowed English learners to improve significantly the time they spent practicing oral expression.
According to the collected data 100% of students believe that Babelium project is a positive tool to improve their English oral skills as well as being entertaining and interesting.
Results, graphics and conclusion
Results and Graphics
Skills: Speaking, Reading and Listening.
Weekly hours devoted to English learning.
Students estimated time practicing speaking necessary to pass the official B2 English exam
Summary of students' dedication to oral
practice using Babelium
Best exercise to improve oral skills
Students utilization of social networks (multiple choice was possible)
In this research project, we can see that there is a new innovative online tool that can be used to increase the L2 student exposition to oral practice activities. Results indicate students practice with the application during long periods of time and consider the use of Babelium Project to be positive for improving oral skills.
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