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Audry Lin

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Digital resume
Audry Lin
Audry Lin

Pepperdine University, Malibu Ca
professional experience:
activities and awards
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, CSS (Cascading style sheets), Quickbooks Pro, Volusion, Social Media, SEM & SEO strategies, Paint shop pro, Adobe Photoshop, Mobile app testing, technical writing
International Business, BS
marketing//public relations// social media
Passionate about marketing, public relations, and social media
september 2009- April 2013
Bachelor of science in International Business

Inter Club Council Representative
VP of Marketing and Events for Adorn
Relay for Life Team Leader
Unity Ministry Coordinator
Wilder Tour PR Coordinator
International Justice Mission (hunger and homelessness committee chair)
Public Relations team lead of Fuel School Blitz
the face of Micro-finance
M133 Intercollegiate Regional Representative
Spiritual Formation Student initiative
Ascend Malibu Fellowship Point person (SL)
Amnesty International
Bethel Stop tour coordinator
The Campfire founder/coordinator
Relevant Courses/ Projects:
International Marketing
Spring 2011
Fudan University- ranked out of China's top 3 colleges
Pepperdine University, Shanghai, China
Studied Language, Culture, and International Management in a rigorous study abroad program at Fudan University
[taken spring 2011 with fellow Pepperdine students in Cambodia on our educational field excursion for cultural study]
100% Pure
River of Life Christian Church
Pepperdine University Disabilities office
Destination Science
camp galileo
Summer Intern
summer 2006, 2008, 2009
What I learned the most:
3 plus years
my report from other staff members:
Marketing & Sales Intern
Youth Ministry Assistant
Business Division Paid Notetaker
Site assistant
Administrative assistant
roadcomm, inc
English (fluent), Chinese (fluent), Spanish (proficient)
questions: ?
You could be here!
Please direct questions to Audry
Thank you for your time and consideration!
Ready to change the world
Creative and Analytical thinker
Available to start immediately
Years of marketing, social media, business, and people experience
looking for: an exciting opportunity to utilize years of social media, people, marketing, and business experience to exangelize an outstanding product or service
key takeaways:
Santa Clara, CA
Social action and justice
click the arrow below to go through my resume!
Operations Management
business law
Business computing apps
Step Forward Day
Dream Center
Skid row (2011)
BEANS Adults with disabilities
Grace Orphanage, Shanghai (2011)
Senior Connection
standing on stone- Homeless outreach
Saban free medical clinic
Cupertino Library
& Leadership

Financial accounting
Managerial accounting
Financial Management
Organizational Behavior
International Management

Linear Algebra
Intercultural Communications
Speech and Public Speaking
International Business Law
Computer skills:
skills in detail:
Expert at microsoft word,
powerpoint, and excel:
Microsoft Word (advanced):
Powerpoint (advanced):
Excel (advanced):
•Taken Business Statistics, Operations, Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Policy and strategy, and Business Computing Applications classes where I mastered excel.
•Knowledgable about functions such as Vlookups, Boolean values, if and, date/time, relational operators, solver, index, database, etc

Skilled with graphs, charts, spreadsheets, data analysis, counting and summing formulas, conditional formatting, array formulas, and summary data

ifted at microsoft powerpoint

xcellent presentation skills

Thrives in presenting
Use of Microsoft Word since 1998
Taken four years of spanish courses
National Student Leadership Forum
Congresswoman Han, our representative & pepp alum
president Obama and congressmen at the National Prayer Breakfast, DC
- Awarded a $2500 Social action and Justice (SAAJ) grant by Pepperdine University

- Grant approved and reviewed by a committee of 10 Pepperdine faculty members

- Excellent grant writing skills
(2009-2013) through my college career include
Job inquires, career opportunities, and agents only
Senior capstone course:
Business Policy & strategies
Senior Capstone- Service Leadership Project
mcCafe in China marketing plan
chic fil a in Spain international marketing plan
operations management case #2, analysis and case study
Bus comp apps excel worksheet
• assisted with mobile app design, technical writing, and product testing
summer 2006-2008
• html, css, and design
Technologically savvy, equipped with the right skills, marketing experience, and education
•Support all aspects of camp, including behind-the-scenes camp operations and programming
•Work closely with the Camp Director and Operations Coordinator to complete various administrative duties throughout the day and week
•Provide leadership, energy and camp spirit for campers, constantly assessing group dynamics and the needs of individual campers
•Set, work towards, and achieve measurable professional development goals
•Provide excellent customer service to parents by communicating with a positive, professional and fun attitude
• performed administrative support duties and coordinated work flow
graduated April 27, 2013
spring 2011
Speaks and comprehends mandarin fluently, spent a semester in China, and taken three years of writing and reading classes
additional Language skills:
Additional Skills:
Detail oriented, Creative, Hard Worker, Team Player and works independently, Responsible, Initiates work
Quickbooks Pro, Volusion, SEM & SEO strategies, Mobile app testing, technical writing
html and css:
Designed websites and coding, owned a coding and graphic designs website
Social Media guru:
Managed social media and websites such as facebook, twitter, G+, tumblr, pinterest, and youtube for other companies
Service Leadership
Summer 2012
tech intern
Santa Clara, CA
Summer 2011
BA 467 Team of Five students
Final Assignment: Invent, Research, Develop, Present, and Create a full length business plan for a concept within four weeks.
Include external, internal, financial , and marketing analysis
My role within the team: Chief Marketing Officer
Team of Four Students
Course: Help Today's Children, Africa's Future (a local nonprofit organization) create a Business Plan, design their website, and write a case statement
porter's five forces, SWOT analysis, core competencies,
Writing Samples-
Data Analysis Samples-
PPC Sample-
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