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Refuge by Jackie French

No description

Britney Maddock

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Refuge by Jackie French

Refuge by Jackie French
Thirteen-year-old Faris could only ever imagine what life would be like within Australia so when he is on a small boat seeking for asylum with his grandmother Jadda he constantly dreams of beautiful seas and golden sand. Fleeing from their country in a dingy boat Faris hopes for safe arrival.

Faris' relationships
When Faris' arrived in Australia he had gone down to a beautiful, clear blue water and golden sand beach where children near his age played. Whilst on the beach Faris' had started to connect and build a strong relationship with a nine year old girl Sussanah. Sussanah had seemed beyond her years and was incredibly insightful and wise giving Faris comfort and from this Faris was able to confide in Susannah when memories of the boat begun to surface.
Faris' as an adult
Three years after Faris had seeked asylum with his grandmother much had happened. Faris had gone through the door upon the rocks at the beach and returned to reality. His grandmother had died when the wave crashed down on the boat and he eventually reunited with his father in Australia three years after. althrough sorrow and grief of the loss of his grandmother Faris' was finally living in Australia like he had imagined for such a long time.
What Faris' taught me
Throughout the book it Faris shows that refugee's and asylum seekers go through an incredible struggle to flea from the danger that's within their country to find and peace within another country.
Faris' hardships
When police has attempted to capture Faris' father he had fled in hopes to escape but to flea he left his mother and son behind. Faris was now also on the run with his grandmother attempting to escape the police also. In order to flea their country Jadda, Faris' grandmother sold her jewelry to receive a ride on a dingy and barely stable boat to Australia. storms arose and threatened to kill everyone on board while they were stranded out at sea but Faris was determined to make it to Australia alive so while unconscious in an angry sea Faris imagined 'his Australia'.
Faris had imagined Australia when unconscious and the images and scenarios that he was imagined was stereotypical as he was imagining things he had only seen on the internet and
By Britney Maddock
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