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Should The Driving Age of 16 Be Changed Or Stay The Same?

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Tommy Bui

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Should The Driving Age of 16 Be Changed Or Stay The Same?

Perspective: Approval of Teen Driving
Allows teens to explore the world at a younger age.
Allows teens to travel freely rather than always having to bother their guardian.
Gives the teen more independence and freedom from home.
Allows teens to drive to and from school rather than take the bus.
Perspective: Disapproval of Teen Driving
Teens are easily distracted.
Nearly 28 percent of all vehicle crashes can be linked to talking on a cell phone or texting while driving, says the National Safety Council.
Teens are much more likely to be involved in a car accident, due to the lack of experience.
Teens very much want to be accepted by their peers and the pressure to speed and take other risks can be too much for a young driver to resist.
Teens give in to peer pressure and try to fit in.
Death Rate
Car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens in the United States.
Fatality Rate from 16-19 years old is four times more than those above age 25.
75% of fatal accidents were because of teen driving.
With today's technology, some teens become distracted fairly easy. However, distractions aren't just from technology.
Examples of distractions include:
Talking on the phone
Talking to someone in the car
Death Rate
Lack of Experience
Parent Influence
Should The Driving Age of 16 Be Raised?
Lack of Experience
The greatest fear of teen driving is the lack of experience.
Most teens haven't experienced the dangers of driving in hazardous conditions, such as fog and ice.
Drivers Ed teachers only teach them to pass a test and drive safely on regular conditions, not to drive safely in various conditions and situations.
Parent Influence
Parent influence can change how a teen drives.
Parents that set a good example for their children can help the teen learn good habits, even in driving.
“The single easiest way to teach your kids to drive is to drive the way you want them to drive,” said Mike Speck, lead instructor at Ford Driving Skills for Life.
Teens are easily distracted by modern technology.
Teens are much more likely to get into a car accident due to lack of attention and experience.
Parents should influence their children on how they want them to drive.
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