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No description

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Poetry

Barry liked hiking
And Larry liked biking
And both liked to go to the zoo.
When Larry had candy,
Then Barry had candy,
What was one's, was the other one's, too.

When Barry caught mumps,
Larry got the same lumps,
And each had the face of a clown.
So Larry gave Barry
A gift to help carry
Him through till the swelling went down.

Larry liked airplanes,
And Barry liked old trains;
Together, they liked playing ball.
But it ended when Larry
Saw his good friend Barry
Hold hands with a girl at the mall!

Barry and Larry
by Tiffany Carlisle
Tip 3
Tip 3: Look for the poem's theme.
This is like the "main message" in a
Ask yourself....
Does the poem tell a story? Is it about the characters and their actions (what they do)?
Does the poem describe something in a new way? Does the poem make me feel a certain way? What is that feeling?
Is the poem teaching a lesson?
Tip 4
Tip 4: Writer's can make animals or things seem like people.

Personification -
When writers make animals or things (trees, houses, rivers, etc.) act and talk like people.

Instead of...
"The old house creaked in the wind,"
A writer might say...
"The old house
to the wind,"

Instead of...
"A bird's nest was on a tree branch,"
A writer might say...
"The tree branch
a bird's nest in it's leafy

Tips 1 and 2
Tip 1: Look for the poem's topic.
This is a very general or broad subject.
Usually one word or a phrase.

Tip 2: Look for the poem's main idea.
"What is this poem mainly about?"
Once you answer this in your brain, re-reading the poem will help you better understand it.
Tips and Terms
is a special kind of writing. Poems have one or more of these
special features:
1. words that rhyme (sound alike)
2. a pattern of accented and unaccented syllables that gives the poem a musical
3. repeated words, lines, or stanzas
- Groups of lines in a poem.
4. words that appeal to our senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell.

- anything NOT written as a poem (fiction or non-fiction).

Every Idea
1. How many

are in the poem
Barry and Larry

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

2. Which word best describes the

of "Barry and Larry"?

A. mumps
B. hobbies
C. airplanes
D. friendship

3. What is the
main idea
of the poem?

A. Larry and Barry are friends until Barry meets a girl.
B. Larry likes airplanes, and Barry likes old trains.
C. Larry and Barry go to the zoo together.
D. Larry and Barry get the mumps.

4. Which of the following best describes the
of this poem?

A. Being sick is never fun.
B. Friends always like the same things.
C. Sharing is a good way to make friends.
D. Friends and friendship can change over time.
Your Turn!
Instead of...
"The old car went up the hill slowly,"

As creative writers, what might you say?
Turn and talk to a partner! (Remember to use
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