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In the Time of the Butterflies

No description

Jordan Cooper

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of In the Time of the Butterflies

Background Information
The Time Period
1940's to the 1990's
Dominican Republic
Trujillo had ultimate control over the Dominican Republic.
Disputes between Haiti and the Dominican Republic persisted for Centuries.
Julia Alvarez
Born 1950- Present Day
Born in New York City
In the time of the butterflies
By: Julia Alvarez
Father was involved in underground attempts to overthrow Trujillo, eventually fleeing to Brooklyn.

Theme, Symbols,
and Motifs

Nick Oxford
Works Cited
Jordan Cooper
Ryan Cayson
Cole Westbrook
Rafael Trujillo
Blood is Thicker Than Water
"[Maria Teresa] held on tight to [Minerva's] hands, no longer afraid of anything but that she might let go" (Alvarez 39)
Ordinary People Can Make Great Changes
Blood is Thicker Than Water:
"By the time it is over, it will be the past and she doesn't want to be the only one left to tell their story"(Alvarez 10).
Religion: "No one had to tell me to believe in God or to love everything that lives. I did it automatically like a shoot inching it's way towards the light." (Alvarez, 44)
Blood is thicker then water:
Ordinary people can make great changes:
"Don't play with the word of God"(Alvarez 47).
"I am trying to be brave, but every time i think of that pretty baby dead in a box like it doesn't have a soul at all, i just start to cry." (Alvarez 42)
"A chill goes through [Dede], for she can feel it in her bones, the future is now beginning" (Alvarez 10
Picture of Trjillo
"One time, I stopped at the side of the road and stared at their Mirabal eyes" (Alvarez 85).
"[Minerva] must have caught [Patria] gazing at our picture of the Good Shepherd...beside him hung the required portrait of El Jefe, touched up to make him look better than he was" (Alvarez 53)
"My immortal soul wants to take the whole blessed world in" (Alvarez 45
"'My soul has gotten deeper since I started writing in you'"(Alvarez 43).
[Minerva] "Last time at the party at hotel Montańa, we all got paper fans with the Vergencita on one side and El Jefe on the other. I kept making Maria Teresa turn the fan around when she sat in front of me, fanning herself. Sometimes it was El Jefe's probing eyes, sometimes it was the Virgin's pretty face that i couldn't stand to look at. (Alvarez, 90)
Before, I always thought our president was like God, watching over everything I did. (Alvarez, 39)
I see the picture of our president with
his eyes that follow me around the room
and I am thinking he is trying to catch me
doing something wrong. (Alvarez, 39)
Picture of Trujillo:
"'At home, Trujillo hung on the wall by the picture of our Lord Jesus with the whole flock of the cutest lambs'"(Alvarez 17).
"[Religion's] our pearlof great price; you know, without it, we're nothing"(Alvarez 52)
Picture of Trujillo:
At home, Trujillo hung
on the wall by the picture of Our Lord Jesus
with a whole flock of the cutest lambs.
(Alvarez, 17)
We keep must quiet and not visit with each other, but think only of our immortal
souls. I am so tired of mine. (Alvarez, 37)
"[Dede] had caught his eye" (Alvarez 90)
How to Read Literature Like a Professor
Current Events
Maria Teresa
Direct Characterization
"I know I used to say I wanted to be a lawyer like Minerva, but the truth is I always burst out crying if anyone starts to argue with me" (Alvarez 132)
Born: October 24, 1891
Died: May 30, 1961
"Every time I hear footsteps coming down the hall, or the clink of the key turning the lock, I'm tempted to curl up inthe corner like a hurt animal, whimpering, wanting to be safe" (Alvarez)
Indirect Characterization
Gunned down by seven assassins, (some of which were apart f his own armed forces)
Ryan Cayson
Massacred an estimate of about 20,000 Haitians
Blood is thicker than water:

"Like my uncles i told you about. Then, two more uncles and then my Father. Sinita began crying again. Then this summer they killed my brother"(Alvarez, 18)
Ordinary people an make great changes:

"The day Trujillo was assassinated by a group of seven men, some his old buddies. the day the rest of trujillo's family fled the country." (Alvarez,304)

Ordinary People Can Make Great Changes:
"Maybe these aren't losses. Maybe thats the wrong way to l at them. The men, the children, me. We went our ways, we became ourselves. And maybe that is what it means to be free people, and I should be glad"(Alvarez 317).
Picture of Trujillo:

"Trujillo is the law" papa whispered, as we all did nowadays when we pronounced the dreaded name." (Alvarez ,90)
"What matters is the quality of a person" (Alvarez 230"

"Minerva says a soul is like a deep longing in you that you can never fill up, but you try." (Alvarez,31)

"And on the third day he rose again" (Alvarez Ch. 10)


"Everywhere i looked, all I saw was those four raggedy girls with papas and my own eyes staring back at me." (Alvarez, 86)
"Everything's personal to me that's principle to her, it seems" (Alvarez 250"
"Ode to Some Pigeons" by Nicanor Parra
"CNN Exclusive: Syrian town left scarred by opposition group ISIS' brutal rule"
"Every Trip is a Quest (Except When its Not)"
"Ode to Some Pigeons" by Nicanor Parra"
"BBC News: Why Assad can have confidence in his survival"
Maria Theresa
Color Code:
: Decided not to become a nun because she wanted a family
: This could be erased
: She would've needed to stay close to her religion all of her life and not married or had children.
Dede learns of her sister's deaths from an innocent bystander.
Then comes the trial of the five murderers, most of which blame the others for the murders, and one of them claims to not have murdered anyone.
Alvarez ends the book with Dede recalling good and bad memories of the revolution and the loss of her sisters, still wishing that she could have saved them.
Rising Action
Dede goes to the hospital and finds her sisters in the morgue.
She decides to continue telling the story of her sisters lives.
DeDe gets a visitor from a newspaper journalist to the the full true story about her sisters.
She starts to tell her about her family and her sisters
Girls were sent to school by there father
Patria wants to become a nun
Falling Action
"No one had to tell me to believe in God or to love everything that lives. I did it automatically like a shoot inching its way towards the light." (Alvarez, 44)
"¡Viva Trujillo!' the 'patriotic' way of beginning and closing the day. But i wasn't going to invoke the devil's name in my own yard." (Alvarez, 262)
"It's all about Sex..."
"Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou
"Analysis: Why Assad Can Have Confidence in His Survival." BBC News. BBC News. Web. 19 May 2014.
Trujillo's Picture
"Those photos had become icons, emblazoned on posters - already colletors' pieces.
Bring back the Butterflies!"
(Alvarez, 310)
"Hear my cry, Jefe. Release my sisters and their husbands and mine. But most especially, i beg you, oh Jefe, give me back my son. Take me instead, ill be your scrificial lamb."
(Alvarez, 203)
"Dede always was the smiling little miss"(Alvarez 12).

"I followed my husband. I didn't get inolved"(Alvarez 72)

"But Dede kept reminding herself she need not be affraid"(Alvarez 183)

"I'm not stuck in the past, I've just brought it with me to the present"(Alvarez 313
Blood is Thicker than Water
"But ever since I lost my baby thirteen years ago, my deepest fear is that i would have to put another one in the ground. This time i dont think that i could go on." (Alvarez, 225)
Ordinary People can make Great Changes
"We must not let another dictatorship rule us! Rise up, take the streets! Join my comrades and me in the mountains! When you die for your coury you do not die in vain!" (Alvarez, 311)
Direct Characterization
Indirect Characterization
I'd just left a small cage to go into a bigger one, the size of our whole country.(Alvarez, 13)
Through I would have argued with anyone who told me I was just a kid.(Alvarez, 13)
"I will," I said, standing up straight like I'd been given a mission.(Alvarez, 15)
"I want to go to the university, Papa, please." (Alvarez, 84)
Dede: dosent get involved in the revolution like her sisters do
Maria Theresa: Is know as the baby even though she is grown with children
Minerva: Was the most revolutionary out of the sisters
Minerva: This could be erased
Maria Theresa: This could be erased
Dede: This could be erased
"More than its gonna hurt you: Concerning violence"
"Kim Jong Un does his best to taunt south Korea"
Young by: Daughter
"Its more than just rain or snow"
"The Woman I Kept To Myself
Patria decides to have a family instead of becoming a nun and settles down. Her sisters soon join the revolution and also have children, but don't settle down.

Patria is looking for spiritual guidance after the death of her child.

At this point the revolution is soon to happen
Minerva: She couldve left trujillo and not gone agianst him but then he would had never been exposed.
Maria Theresa: She couldve grown up a little because some of her actions like her often crying show otherwise
Dede: She would've needed to join the revolution but would had led to her death like her sisters
Something Corporate: Me and the moon
"Freedom" by Kevin Deckert
"Unbreakable" by Michael Jackson
Members of the rebellion attack Trujillo and his troops but are unsuccessful

Patria, Maria Teresa, and
"The Courage I Need" by Daniel Vango
"CNN News: Syria announces presidential election as war rages on"
"Renegade" by Styx
"...Or Illness"
"Cant Hold Us Down" by
Christina Aguilera
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