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Footie Pajamas


Rebecca Triplett

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Footie Pajamas

Are you tired of your pajamas? Are they Frumpy or stuffy? Are they incredibly uncomfortable and so last century? Well fear no more....... You will no longer have to deal with Pajamas that are too cold at night....... Or that fit too tight...... Or that leave your feet as cold as ice....... There is a solution...... FOOTIE PAJAMAS!!!! Never worry about being cold again..... Or worrying about your pajamas not fitting..... Or about not being able to do everything you want to..... And are incredibly warm and secure.....
They will stay on even if you are caught in a Tornado!!! So come on down and buy one today!!!!!
Footie Pajamas are always the height of style So Switch from this..... To this!!!!!
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