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Reading in 4E

No description

Renee Elmowy

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Reading in 4E

Reading in 4E
Classroom and Home
How can I increase reading volume at home?
Homework, provide students with incorporating a variety of different text e.g. newspaper articles, YouTube clips, comic strips, Edmodo.
Reading Log/Reading Wheel

How do I increase time spent reading in the classroom?

Metacognitive Strategies- Through the use of the Fab 4 strategies and using a range of relative texts that are related to HSIE/Sci topics.

Reading/Shared Reading

Text Sets/Multimodal Texts- integrated within all KLAs

Text factors- using texts that are short but detailed enough for students.

Silent Reading.

How do we increase the reading volume of our students in the classroom and at home?
Increase confidence in Reading aloud.
Where to now?
continued focus on Metacognitive strategies using Fab 4.
allow students to explore fiction and non-fictional texts independently
links with the Australian Curriculum, exploring, viewing, creating and reflecting.


Fab 4- whole class- releasing control to small groups using multimodal texts. Focus and up-skill on Monitoring and Clarifying and Summarising.
Video-playback of students engaging in texts.
Homework- provide students with a variety of different text e.g. newspaper articles

confidence in reading aloud- 30%

increased motivation and participation in classroom reading activties.
Incentives- Home Reading Certificate.
Pictures and Videos
increased motivation,confidence and comprehension ability in all students
accessing texts with a purposeful approach
increased enjoyment of reading.

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