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How did the US Civil Rights Movement impact/influence the Au

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Will Hampron

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of How did the US Civil Rights Movement impact/influence the Au

Australian/ U.S Civil Rights Movement
How did the US Civil Rights Movement impact/influence the Australian Civil rights?
During the early 1960's in America, the fight for civil rights was excelling. With events such as: The Freedom bus rides, The march on Washington, Brown vs. Board of Education and the Murder of Emmett Till, as well as leaders such as: Martin Luther King Jr, Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X and President John F Kennedy.

Through these leaders and events, civil rights became a reality.

As well as banishing racism and equality, these people also inspired other discriminated races worldwide to fight for their rights. Today I will be focusing on the impact/influence of the U.S Civil rights on the Australian Civil rights movement.
U.S Freedom Bus Rides & Australia Bus Rides
In the spring of 1961, a group of black and white college students began a trip around the U.S.A from Washington D.C to Jackson Mississippi, to challenge racial segregation faced in America at the time. When the bus finally arrived in Mississippi, they were violently approached by a group of white supremacists, including the KKK. The bus was bombed, but the bus rides succeeded in the abolition of bus segregation. Although other things such as, water fountains and public toilets, were still separated.
The Impact of the U.S freedom bus rides on Australia
In February on 1965, a group of university students attending the University of Sydney, created the group SAFA, which stood for: Student Action For Aborigines. They decided to ride a bus from Sydney to Perth to raise awareness for the living standards, health and education of aboriginal people. One of the leaders, Charles Perkins, was inspired by the success of the U.S Freedom bus rides.
Idea 4

Martin Luther King
Freedom Bus Rides
Emmett Till
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