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ICTandSPED lecture1 (Nancy Grace P. Losbañes)

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nancygrace losbañes

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of ICTandSPED lecture1 (Nancy Grace P. Losbañes)

Assisstive Technology Lecture1 Assistive Technology what is Assistive Technology? Assistive technology (AT) is available to
help individuals with many types of disabilities from cognitive problems to physical impairment. This article will focus specifically on AT for individuals with learning disabilities (LD). ICT and SPED LECTURE1 The Different Assistive Technology Aesop a voice output keyboard interface designed
for use by individuals with blindness or low vision. Portable Communicator for the Visually impaired a direct selection or scanning communicator designed for use by individuals with communicator and visual disabilities. Hitch Computer Switch Interface is a switch adapter for computers designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. Affinity 2.0 Hearing Aid Tester a hearing aid acoustic test system designed for use by audiologists and other hearing professionals. Animals from A-Z a language tutorial program designed for use with children with communication or hearing disabilities. CHATPC-4 a direct selection communicator
designed for use by individuals with communication
or speech disabilities or cerebral palsy. BlueMouse a mouse with built-in wrist support designed for use by individuals with neurological or upper extremity disabilities, Parkinson's disease, or paraplegia. Axio Hearing Aid (Model IM32) a programmable hearing aid designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. B.A.Bar a voice output bar code communication aid, cognitive aid, and speech teaching device designed for use by individuals with autism, aphasia, cognitive disabilities, or brain injury. Bigtrack Trackball & Switch Adapted
Bigtrack Trackball a trackball designed for use by individuals with fine motor, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities. Presented by: Nancy Grace P.
Losbañes III-S (a)
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