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Kellers' with Cru

Presentation of partnership opportunities with Cru.

Kent Keller

on 25 October 2018

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Transcript of Kellers' with Cru

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
"For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son..."
The Keller Family
Founders: Bill and Vonette Bright
Cru started as Campus Crusade for Christ on the
UCLA campus in 1951
There is tremendous competition for the minds and hearts of people throughout the world.
» Josh McDowell Ministry
» Military Ministry
» Story Runners
» Resource and Support Ministries
World Headquarters at Lake Hart
New Life Resources
Great Commission Foundation
» Cru Campus
US Campus Ministry
Bridges International
Destino Movement
Epic Movement
Nations Movement
The Impact Movement
(A partnering Ministry)
Faculty Commons
Cru High School
(formerly Student Venture)
» Athletes in Action
» Cru City
Christian Embassy D.C.
Christian Embassy U.N.
Here’s Life Inner City
» FamilyLife
» Global Aid Network (GAIN)
» The JESUS Film Project
Ministries in the USA
What started as a ministry to
students on the UCLA campus
now touches the lives of people
in every segment of society and
in every corner of the world.

“Business professionals want a deeper sense of
meaning and fulfillment on the job—even more
than they want money and time off.”
“80 percent of all business professionals will never go to church.”
In America alone:
» Every hour 1,300 young people take an illegal drug.
» Every week, there are 16,000 attacks, shakedowns and
robberies occurring in public schools.
» Since the late 1960s, teenage suicide has quadrupled.
In the face of these competitive forces, God is bringing an increasing number of people into a relationship with Himself throughout the world. And He has given Cru a vision and the tools to meet people where they study, work and live.
The Apostles first took the Good News of Jesus on a vast transport system linking all the Roman Empire.
Today the new road linking people is the Internet and thanks to mobile phones that road extends directly into the pockets of billions of people.
My new primary role with Cru will have me working to put the gospel on this global road as well as enabling resources and people to navigate this road effectively.
But there is more...
We invite others to partner with us to reach people for Christ; to join us in this incredible journey.

Like many other mission organizations, Cru depends upon the consistent financial support of concerned individuals and churches.

These contributions are used to fund the ministries of our staff members.
We must find a team of partners who will give $100 monthly or some other amount to support our ministry.
» To share prayer concerns with one another.
» To work diligently to touch the lives of people
for Jesus Christ.
» To regularly communicate how God is
blessing the ministry.
» To be financially faithful with the funds given
for our ministry.
Would you make a monthly commitment of $100 or some other amount significant to you?
Your partnership can make a difference in reaching people for Christ.
There’s another vital non-financial way you can help…
But as much as technology enables ministry and missions, many times touch is required.

While Jesus did heal a centurion’s slave via long distance, He more often healed by touching someone. People are changed by care that comes in the form of physical presence.
» Crystal has volunteered to help the dozen
homeless families at our kids’ middle school.
In past few months:
» Crystal and I have hosted a Bible study in our house.
» We have met and interacted with many neighbors.
» We have traveled overseas on short term trips.
» We have even sent our eldest daughter on a two
week missions trip to the largest Muslim country
in the world.
» We have lived overseas. (Australia)
But we do not serve alone...
Cru has no central funds for paying salaries and ministry expenses.
As soon as this team is complete, we can commence our new roles.
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