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GMO Plants

No description

Jae Lee

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of GMO Plants

Glowing Tobacco Opinions Process Results Beginning of
GMO Plants •First GM plant, in University of California at San Diego 11/07/1986
•Took genes from fireflies added them to the plant
•In the future it might be used for other animals or plants Flavr Savr •Tomato
Has all great vitamins
Shipping benefits
•Why it isn’t beneficial:
•Calgene, no history with tomatoes
•They are not traditionally breed
•Not many bought Created By: GENETICALLY MODIFIED
ORGANISMS •Select certain traits
•Easier to create modified organisms
•Ultimate goal for GMO Plants:
Pest weed
Resist harsh weather condition
More nutritious
Resist viruses What is GMO Plant? • Prehistoric Era
• 1900 - Gregor Mendel
• 1953 - James Watson and Francis Crick
• 1973 - Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen
• 1980 - The U.S. Supreme Court
• 1982 - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
allowed Genentech’s Humulin History LJ, Rawan, Laila Resources Why Genetically Modified Plants? Environmental Damages Increase pesticide, herbicides, glyphosate
Glyphosate diminishes soil quality
Glyphosate is highly invasive and mixes with:
•Groundwater Same nutrition in different edible plants Environmental Benefits Hmmm....
I'm hungry W

E M Thank you! •Advanced Science
•More efficient crops and plants
•Greater resistance to viruses and
•Better nutritional value
•Do not mold as fast
•Better for the economy
•New flavors
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