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Luke Bryan

No description

erica johnston

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

What is a Person

Luke Bryan's views on what is a person are like John Locke's, because he believes that humans are free, equal and independent. Luke believes that anyone is capable of doing anything if they put their mind to it. For example, you could grow up in a small town on a farm, and have a dream of moving to Nashville for the music industry. and just because you aren't from somewhere like Hollywood, doesn't mean you cant achieve your dreams. He states that he believes everyone is equal of doing equal things, no matter how "popular" or well known you may be.
Good and

Luke is a theist, meaning that he believes in god, and that the world and everything in it was created by a perfect being that continues to watch over him. He believes that god gives everyone what they deserve and if he faces the, with a challenge or a hard time, it is only to make them stronger, and he believes in them that they can get through it.
About Luke

Luke Bryan, otherwise known as "Travis Luther "Luke" Bryan" is an American pop country singer, who was born on July 17th, 1976 in Leesburg Georgia. He began his career in the mid 2000s by writing songs for Billy Currington and Travis Tritt. He released his first album in 2007, called "I'll Stay Me". Luke now has 4 very popular albums including Ill Stay Me, Doin' My Thing, Tailgates & Tanlines, and Crash My Party. In Luke's career he has won many awards such as favorite country male artist, artist of the year, favorite male album, and many more.
More about Luke

Luke got his first guitar at the age of fourteen, and knew as soon as he started playing it, that that was what he wanted to do with his life. Luke had two siblings, a sister and a brother. Luke had a life long dream of going to Nashville for the music industry, but the night before he was going to leave his brother died in a car accident. Luke then decided it would be best for him and his family if he attended a college close to home. Not to many years later, another tragedy hit Luke's family, when his sister suddenly passed away at the age of 39, while she was at home with her son. It took him a while to get over their deaths, but he decided he could do it with the help of his faith.
What is the good life

Believe it or not, Luke Bryan says that you do not need to be famous to live a good life. A good life is all about the
, such as having a
caring family
that is always there for you, having
friends to talk to
, having
enough money
, having
good health
, having
enough food
, and having
something for your own entertainment
. He says that he enjoys performing in front of big crowds, not for him, but for the good of others. He believes
anyone anywhere is capable of living a good life, if they want to do so, you just have to make the best of what you have.

Views on Perfect World

-Hot and sunny
-Friends and family
-Country music
-A pretty wife
-No drama or fighting
-Pickup trucks, no cars
Aesthetic of Work

Luke's genre of music is pop country. While listening to some of Luke's music, the lyrics of his songs show that he relies on god to help him get through the tough times that he goes through, such as losing both of his older siblings, his music shows that he never gives up, and that all you can do is pray about things, and try not to worry to much about life and whats going on in it, all you can do is wait and see what tomorrow brings. Lukes music also talks about his getaways in life, what he does to take his mind off what is going on around him.
The good Life
Luke also believes that in order to live a good life, you need to
always stay positive no matter what life throws at you
. He believes that
money doesn't buy happiness
you create it for yourself.
What is art?

In Luke's work he shows lots of expressionism, meaning he expresses himself through his songs, showing individualism and intellectual freedom.
My Thoughts on Luke and his work
My personal thoughts on Luke and his work are that he does a very good job at singing about his feelings. He manages to express his opinion on different circumstances in his music. He shows lots of expression and shows lots of confidence while he is performing. He is very good at getting the crowd "into it".

In conclusion
Through Luke's work he expresses himself as an individual, and sings about his feelings.

He has his own way of dealing with what is going on around him, and that is to write a song and sing about it.

He is very confident in what he does, and he is constantly trying to make himself, and other people better.
Luke Bryan
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