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The Bengal Tiger

No description

Nanna Klotz

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger
Alonnah Klotz
Copperopolis Elm.

The Bengal Tiger lives in many places. A few are Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Burma, and India.
Tigers live in tropical jungles, marsh lands, brush, and tall grass lands They can blend in very well to their habitats. But during winter its harder to blend in.
And sometimes other small islands
They eat animals like medium and large preys
such as pigs, antelopes, wild oxen, monkeys, buffalo, chital and wild boars. The Bengal tiger is a nocturnal creature and it is very fast, but only for short distances.
They are one of many carnivores. Obviously...
The End
A tiger has a long body, a firm head that has a short muzzle, and a short neck. It has stout legs that have broad paws at the end, while the mouth contains very sharp teeth. An average tiger can be about 1.8 m long, with broad shoulders and a bulky body. The fur color varies from tanish- yellow to orange-red, with black stripes of different lengths.


Interesting Fact
A tigers roar can be heard from 2mi.
Interesting Fact
Interesting Fact
There are less than 2,500 Bengal
Tigers in the world.
Why Are They Endangered
Bengal Tigers are rare for many reasons, some are
poachers(people who hunt animals for their fur or pelts), second construction sites, loss of prey, conflict with humans(if the tiger attacks, it is probably shot), some people import them then abandoned them because they don't want them anymore, others just are out exploring in the Savannah and just shoot them.
Interesting Fact
Tigers can hear up to over 200 yards
Interesting Fact
A Bengal Tigers body length is about 3.3 m.
A Bengal Tiger's height is about 70-122 in.
They weigh about 306 kg.

Another Interesting Facts
An average tiger paw is about 8 by
8 in. long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG kitty paw.
Tiger Family & Ancestors
Some of the tiger relations are the Lion,
Leopard, Cheetah, Jaguar, Saber tooth, Panthers, Longdan tiger,
Longdan Tiger(extinct)
Tiger Cubs
Tiger cubs look very similar to their parents, they are just very tiny. A baby tiger at birth weighs about 2-3 lbs. They cant open there eyes for about 12 days. After that it still takes another two weeks for their vision to develop. Only 2-3 tigers survive to adulthood. Baby tigers start hunting at about 10 months old, at this age they weigh almost 100 lbs.
A tiger in the wild is usually alive about 10-15 years. A tiger in a zoo is usually alive about 20-26 years. A tiger has babies about every 2-2.5 years. There is usually about 7 cubs in one litter. The Gestational time is about 3 and a half months.
Tigers live in large groups called ambush, swift, streak. They live in a group of about 10. When a tiger shows aggression the tail is usually lashed form side to side, the head is held low, the ears are twisted so that the back face forward, the eyes are open wide, and the mouth is almost closed with the lips forming a straight line. Some ways they communicate are by tail movement, purring, they sometimes stick out there claws, they roar for long-distance communication. They will pin back there ears if they are angry. Vocal sounds like hisses, growls, and snarls are used in aggression. Some sounds are like grunting, meowing, purring, and woofing.
People are saving tigers by building sanctuaries to take in abandoned ones. They are also keeping them in captivity to mate and have babies, and then they are released in the wild. Others have ideas to put up signs and raise money, which doesn't help very much. Some people also tell poachers to stop hunting(doesn't help very much either)

Tigers sleep about 18-20 hours everyday!!!!
That means they are only awake about 6 hrs.!!!!!!!!
They have eyes with many colors like brown, green,
yellow, orange, tan, and sometimes black.
Interesting Fact
A tigers eyesight is about the same as a humans!!!!!
Even though they can see at night because it has a larger interior and lense.
http://thinkexist.com/quotation when_a_man_wants_to_murder_a_tiger-he_calls_it/207983.html
"When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport;
when the the tiger wants to murder the man, he calls it ferocity. The distinction between crime and justice in no greater....."
"God made the cat so that man
might have the pleasure of caressing
the tiger..."
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