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Steps to implementing MTSS in Secondary

No description

Nicole Baker

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Steps to implementing MTSS in Secondary

The Purpose and Plan!
7 Steps to Implementing MTSS in Secondary
Step 1: Understand what MTSS is
What MTSS is....
Multi-Tiered System of Supports
A way of thinking and problem solving in order to figure out what kind of instruction each student responds to best.
A set of ideas focused on how to help all children be successful in school.
A way to organize the levels of support given to students
Step 3: Establish Leadership Team
Step 7- Use District Resources
Step 2: Recognize that the structure is already in place
What it is NOT
Log in to your Google Mail
Click Sites at the top Search for MTSS
Click Bay District Schools MTSS
Tier 1-
Core universal Instruction and Supports
General academic and behavior instruction and support designed and differentiated for all students in all settings
English/Math Classes
Universal Screenings (grades, attendance, Discovery Ed Benchmarks, FCAT, MAZE, etc)
Tier 2-
Targeted Supplemental Interventions and Supports
More focused, targeted instruction intervention and supplemental support in addition to and aligned with the core academic and behavior curriculum and instruction
Intensive Math/Reading & ASPIRE
Whole Class Plans
Monthly progress monitoring using parallel probe
Fidelity documented by FOCUS in attendance & with lesson plans
Tier 3-
Intensive Individualized Interventions and Supports
More focused, targeted instruction/intervention and supplemental support in addition to and aligned with the core academic and behavior curriculum and instruction
Elective period or Computer-based program
Individual MTSS Plan & Pink Folder
Weekly Progress Monitoring
Fidelity of T2 & T3 documented on worksheets
Tier 2- Monthly PM probes
DIBELS Next, Discovery Education Probes, EasyCBM, or Agile Minds, or Curriculum-Embedded Progress Monitoring
Charted on a graph (have students do this!)
Intervention/ASPIRE Teachers, Psychologist, Administrator, MTSS STS, Guidance Counselor
Meets frequently
Purpose is to look at all available data (to include progress monitoring, grades, and attendance)
Make team decisions to help students make progress toward goal (revise Tier 2 or go to Tier 3?)
Tier 3- Weekly PM Probes
Continue Probe
Continue graphing on same graph
Step 5- Conduct Data Chats
Team Members include
Guidance Counselor
Teacher Representative

to look at school-wide data such as
DEA data
Early Warning Systems (Behavior, attendance, Grades)
Monitor the Core, Tier 2, & Tier 3

Meet often to discuss available data- Half days quarterly ($) or once a month during planning
Bay District Schools MTSS Website
Step 4: Collect & Use Data
Step 6: Continue to Problem solve at every Tier
RtI- Response to Intervention Vs. MTSS
A program or trend
A process toward ESE
A verb!
How to Find DE Probes
1. Log into Discovery Education
2. Click My DE Services>Assessment>Access the Probe Library>Search for Probes with MTSS in the Probe Name
How to Find EasyCBM probes
1. Log into EasyCBM.com (Creating an account is free).
2. Click Measures>Grade Level of probe>Student Copies
How to Locate Discovery Education & Easy CBM Probes
Which EasyCBM Probes?
6th: Use 6th grade Number & Operations. (goal is 12/16)
7th: Use 6th grade Algebra (goal is 14/16)
8th: Use 7th grade Number, Operations, &Algebra (goal is 13/16)
HS: Use 8th grade Algebra (goal is 11/16).
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