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Borneo Rainforest

No description

Kieron Judd

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Borneo Rainforest

BORNEO RAINFOREST The Borneo rainforest Is Borneo under threat of deforestation? How big is Borneo rainforest? Where abouts is Borneo rainforest? What is the closest town and city to Borneo rainforest? Deforestation began in the 1970's. In 1975 Borneo rainforest was around 73.7% covered by forest trees whilst in 2005 due to deforestation it was only 50.4% forest covered. So Borneo rainforest is under threat of deforestation. The three Country's that control Borneo have decided to protect large areas of the forest. Overall Borneo has lost over seventeen million kilometers of forest, between 1985-2002. Also some locals are trying to save little parts of Borneo rainforest. The Borneo rainforest is twice the size of Germany and it equals 280 000 square miles of forest, which takes up an astonishing 73% of Borneo. Borneo is next to Malaysia and Indonesia. There is three different country's that control Borneo they are called Malaysia, Indonesia and Sarawak. It is the only island in the world to be run by three country's. The closest town to Borneo rainforest is Damun valley what is an rainforest lodge park put is so big it is known as a town. Miri is the closest city to Borneo rainforest and is also very colossal. I have chosen to study Borneo rainforest as my project i saw it on the internet and found out its the oldest rainforest in the world so i thought it would be interesting to find out about so i hope you enjoy! What is the climate of Borneo? The climate of Borneo is very hot but can be very damp, the climate is 75-85 degrees. Borneo is very close to the equator like all tropical rainforests. What is Borneo's fauna? There are many animals that live in Borneo forest.Over the past fifteen years more than six hundred species of of animals have been discovered. Some of the animals have colorful names, these include: Clowded Leopard, Moon Rat and Sun Bear. There are endangered animals in the forest including: Orang-utans, pygmy Elephant and Sumatran Rhino. Out of the 222 mammals in this forest, 44 of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world What is Borneo's flora? Thousands of plants,and fungi live in the Borneo rainforest. One tree called the Dipterocarp has one thousand species of insects living in it. There are at least 15 000 different plants, six thousand of them can not be found anywhere else in the world. Types of fungi grow in swamps, mangroves and lowland of the forest. Is Borneo rainforest important to locals? The world wildlife fund (wwf) are involved in protecting the forest. They work with the government and business practices to stop forest conversion. By the forest getting used for other things, it has an effect on other things like: reducing wildlife, freshwater supplies and some wild animals may come into conflict with locals. How do people use Borneo rainforest? The people that live in the forest are finding life more difficult as the forest is important for supplying wood for tools,houses,boats,food and medicine.Some women make baskets and mats by weaving rattan. By trees getting destroyed, the forest now floods more often meaning they find it hard to find rattan. How do people use the forest and destroy it? There is a threat to the rainforest due to: the timber logging that took place until 2006, and the palm oil and pulp wood plantations. There is also groups of illegal loggers that endangers wildlife, people have use Borneo rainforest so much the climate has changed.
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