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Irony: Middle School Lesson

No description

Elise Harmening

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Irony: Middle School Lesson

Irony Irony (In general) meaning is opposite of expressed meaning Dramatic Irony Happens when there is a miscommunication
in the story and the audience is smarter
than the characters Verbal Irony A person or character says one thing but really means the opposite. Situational Actions have an effect opposite of what is expected SO...the outcome is contrary (opposite) what you expect EXAMPLE:
Romeo and Juliet
Juliet pretends to be dead, but Romeo thinks she
is actually dead and kills himself to join her,
but Juliet is actually alive, finds Romeo dead
and then actually kills herself.
IRONIC! Example:
A tree kills a person who is trying
to save the forest. Example:
In a horror movie, you can see
the killer behind the character
but the character does not
see the killer coming. Example:
The teacher hands out a test
and students respond,
"Oh, great!"
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