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Ancient Egyptian Mummification

Process and Reasons

Adam Hoerger

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Mummification

At first, the only mummies were natural, made by the heat and dryness of the desert.
Ancient Egyptians tried to recreate this process, and after some failure, they learned how to mummify a body and prevent decay. Process and Reasons Egyptian Mummification When a person dies, the body of the deceased person is brought to a tent, where the body is washed and covered in good smelling oils. A cut is made on the left side of the dead person's body, from which the internal organs are removed. Originally, the organs where placed in canopic jars, which protected the organs. Then, they began placing the organs, stuffed with natron, back in the body, but they still had canopic jars to symbolically protect the organs. The heart was wrapped in linen and is placed in the body. Unlike the other organs, it has always been placed in the body, for the weighing of the heart in the afterlife. The brain was pulled out through the nose using a long hook. The body was covered with natron, a chemical like salt that is good at drying out objects. After forty days, the body is washed again, stuffed with dry materials such as sandpaper, and is covered in good smelling oils. The body was wrapped in many layers of linen, glued together with resin and with amulets in between layers. During this time, a priest casts spells to ward off evil spirits. The mummy was placed inside a decorated wooden coffin which was placed in a stone sarcophagus. Now for why they mummified people Once the body became mummified, a ceremony called opening of the mouth took place. In this ceremony, the mouth is touched with a special tool, which was believed to restore the ability to eat and drink in the afterlife. To make it to the afterlife, your heart must be weighed on the scales in the Hall of Maat. In order to make it to the Hall of Maat, you had to make it through the Duat, a place full of perils. You must have the Book of the Dead, which is full of spells to counteract the perils. Once you make it to the scales, your heart is weighed. If your heart is light, you can go to the afterlife. If it is dark, your heart will be eaten by Ammit the devourer. A person's soul is split into two parts: Ba, which watches over the living, and Ka, which enjoys the afterlife. At night, the Ba and Ka rest. But without a preserved body or the name of the person written down, the Ba and Ka will get lost, and will no longer experience the afterlife. So to experience the afterlife, your body must be preserved, or mummified. Adam Hoerger Hope you Enjoyed this!
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