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White Board Prezumé by Alanna Fok

No description

Alanna Fok

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of White Board Prezumé by Alanna Fok

Coquitlam, BC

The Resume of Alanna T. Fok
Visual Art!
Super G & Honor Roll (With Distinction)
Accounting & Mathematics
Sheri Tompkins
Heritagewods Secondary School Teacher
(604) 461-8679
Mary Wang
Administrator, Lougheed Acura
Volunteer Co-worker
(604) 889-1880

Sam Li
Service Adviser, Westwood Honda
Volunteer Director
(604) 729-3293
Pinetree Secondary School
Expected to graduate in June 2014
Business-related courses: Accounting 11, Economics 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12
Leader of Awana!
Coordinated & Disciplined participant
Supervisor of games
led memorizing activities
over 130 hours of services
Westwood Alliance Church's
Children Spring Break Camp
Burnaby Alliance Church
To obtain Work Experience placement in the career focus area.
Outstanding Student in Band 11
RCM Grade 6 Piano
RCM Advanced Rudiments
RCM: History & Theory
Practiced flute for 5 years
Bass Guitar!
Choir Student
Competitive Badminton Player
HWSS Senior Badminton Most Valuable Player
Vector Badminton Club Girls Doubles Champions
Vector Badminton Club Girls Singles Champion
UBC Badminton Club x ClearOne Poco Tournament U18 Girls Doubles Winners
Passion for History & Social Sciences
Awarded Outstanding Student in
Drawing & Painting 12
Community Services
Serviced Breakfast to homeless people
Took care of elders at care homes (Hong Kong and Vancouver)
Helper of a toddler and children class
Assistance of a summer camp
Organization and promotion of camp
Assisted art workshops
children counseling
Math Honors Class each year
Pre-Calculus 11: 96%
Pre-Calculus 12: 91%
Pascal Mathematics Contest Certification of Distinction
Achieved 93% in Accounting 11
Completed the course as one of the top students
Art Foundation 11
Art Foundation 12
Drawing & Painting 11
Drawing & Painting 12
Teacher's Pride Award in
Photography 11
Achieved 93% in Social Studies 11
Current enrolled in History 12 and Comparative Civilization 12
Baking & Pastry
Enjoy cooking for family and friends during leisure time
Music & Film Appreciation
Enjoys a wide variety of music and film from different countries
Studies history of classical music, especially fond on music from the classical and romantic era
Incorporate elements from films to enhance the quality of my art works
Instrumental Music... like the one you're listening right now!
Visited over 10 countries and over 45 states in Asia and Amercia in 16 years!
Leisure Time
Writing Letters
Stamp Collection
Connecting with the world through ways other than technology!
Memento from different countries that I've been to
A way to train my patience and appreciation for art
I want to follow the foot steps of my mother, who is an accountant, and study business in post-secondary education.
Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin!
My formal resume:

Thank you for reading!
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