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Microsoft Word Font and Paragraph Group

A presentation about the MS WORD Font and Paragraph Group

videl cantada

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Microsoft Word Font and Paragraph Group

Microsoft Word
Home Tab The Home Tab is by far the most important Tab in Microsoft Word 2007.
It contains all the commands that are used most often. The Home Tab contains all the commands that are used most often. These include formatting commands like changing
text size, font style, font color, list types, and clipboard
functionality like Cut, Copy and Paste. Furthermore, the home tab in Word 2007 includes features like
text alignment, line spacing, gallery styles and theme settings.
Finally, the Home Tab includes the ability to find and replace text. The groups on the Home Tab are as follows:
Editing Clip Board This group includes popular commands like Cut, Copy and Paste Font Group Font - change the font face
Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + F Font Size – Change the font size.
Shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + P Bold – makes the text bold. Italic –italicize the selected text. Underline – Underline the selected text Strikethrough – Draw a line through the middle of the selected text Subscript – Create small letters below the baseline Superscript – Create small letters
above the line of text Change Case – change all the selected text to UPPERCASE, lowercase or other common capitalizations. Text Highlight Color – makes the text look like it was marked with a highlighter pen. Font Color – Change the text color. Grow Font – Increase the font size. Shrink Font – Decrease the font size. Clear Formatting – clear all formatting from the selection,
leaving only the plain text. Paragraph Group Bullets – starts a bulleted list Numbering – Starts a numbered list Multilevel list – starts a multilevel list Increase Indent – increases the indent level of the paragraph Decrease Indent – decreases the indent level of the paragraph Align Left – align text to the left Align Right – align text to the right Center – centers the selected text Justify – align text to both left and right margins, adding extra space between words as necessary Line Spacing – change the spacing between lines of text Shading – color the background behind the selected text or paragraph Bottom Border – places a border in the bottom of the text Sort – alphabetize the sleeted text or sort numerical data
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