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2.07 collaboration

No description

Day Day West

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of 2.07 collaboration

2.07 collaboration
by deudaye west
animal cell

definitions of the cell structure
reference page
google .com
the cell membrane is like the administrative assistant ,controlling the school
ribosomes -are like the lunches the students eat,givig them energy
the (ER)- is like the cafeteria ,the cooks are making the food
the golgi apparatus-is like the bus ,transpoting students

the lyssomes -the children when they eat lunch,breaking down their food

the valcoules -are like the storage supply closet ,storing nessasry items
the mitochondria -is like the teacher of the students they are the most important in the childrens education
the nuclues-is like the princable-in charge of the school and what goes in and or out
the cytoplasm -is like the aireveryone breathes,it surrounds everything in the school

an animal cell is very similar to a school .because a school operates as a group just like a animal cell does
cell membrane -this membrane serves as a thick selective barrier for the cell
ribosomes-is the location for the protein synthesis within the cell

the endoplasmic reticulum (er)-is the type of cells of the eukaryotic organisims
golgi apparatus-is made up of membrane sacks
lysosomes-a membrane sack that contains enzymes

valcoules-are membrane enclosed sacks that serve a variey of storage functions
mitochondria -they are organells that act like the cells digestive system ,taking in nutrients and breaking them down
nucleus -contains most of the cells genetic information
cytoplasm -is a thick fluid that fills upa cell and surrounds all of its organells

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