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Odyssey Intro

No description

Terri Weaver

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Odyssey Intro

SCYLLA What is an Epic? Cyclops Ithaca Start Let's go on a "JOURNEY" Long, narrative poems that tell of the adventures of heroes who in some way embody the values of their civilizations; involves:
An impressive hero
The physical and sometimes supernatural worlds.
A quest of journey taken in search of something of value Odyssey Plot and Virtues The Odyssey An Introduction
(of Epic Proportions) Who Was Homer? An Epic is.... PLOT

Plot 1- Odysseus is unable to get home because of the gods. He struggles for a decade!

Plot 2 - Suitors try to convince his wife, Penelope, that he is dead and try to marry her

Plot 3- Odysseus returns home and must seek revenge on the suitors Athena When does the Odyssey
take place in the epic story Homer created.....? The
Odyssey Written by:
Homer, the Poet • Credited with writing the two most famous epics of all time: the Illiad and the Odyssey.

• These two stories were passed down
orally during the Homeric Age.

• The poetic form & rhyme were easy
for story-teller to remember. • True identity is unknown
• Likely a bard or rhapsode
• Lived around 850 B.C.
• He may have been blind.
• Lived in Greece (See what I did there? An odyssey = a journey....) VIRTUES

-love of home

This is a story of all people who look for peace and a place to belong but who must overcome a series of external and internal obstacles to reach that contentment. Terms for the Odyssey -Myths: Stories that use fantasy to express ideas about life that cannot be expressed easily in realistic terms

-Alter Ego: A reflection of a hero’s best or worst qualities The Illiad Background -Story of the last year of the Trojan War: fought between the people of Troy and an alliance of early Greek kings

-War lasted 10 years.

-Troy was defeated when Odysseus and his men were able to get inside the walls of Troy concealed within the body of the Trojan horse. The prequel to The Odyssey How did the war begin? The war began when Helen, the wife of Greek king Menelaus and the most beautiful woman in the world, ran off with Paris, the prince of Troy. Hermes Themes in The Odyssey -Hospitality
was a serious and important obligation in Greek culture
always be polite to your guests.

-The danger of hubris :
hubris is excessive pride that leads to destruction.
Odysseus is often guilty of hubris and Athena must rescue him

-The importance of moderation: Giving in to excess or temptation will cause a person harm.

-The expected roles for women and men in Greek society :
Men are almost always superior to women
Except in Sparta where women have more rights. Themes in The Odyssey con't -The role of fate :
Characters receive hints as to their fate
Some choose to ignore the foreshadowing

-Loyalty :
Penelope is expected to wait for Odysseus, gone for more than 20 years.
Telemachus must stand for his father, who he does not even remember, against the suitors.

-Perseverance: work to survive in any situation -Vengeance:
It is acceptable to hurt or kill those who are disloyal.
The end of the epic shows what happens to those who defy Odysseus

-Appearance vs. Reality : Athena takes on many different characters' identities and even animals' when helping Telemachus or Odysseus.

-Spiritual Growth : Telemachus and Odysseus both experience struggles which cause them to mature spiritually by the end of the epic. Themes in The Odyssey con't Important names Con't Important Names -Ulysses or Odysseus

-Sirens: group of females who lured sailors to their destruction by their singing

-Circe: goddess, enchantress, who turned men into swine

-Scylla: monster with 12 feet and 6 heads with 3 rows of teeth, carries off a sailor in each mouth

-Charybdis: 3 times a day pulls sailors into her whirlpool

-Zeus: leader of the gods

The god of the sea
brother of Zeus
enemy of Odysseus -Athena:
Favorite daughter of Zeus
the great goddess of wisdom and the arts of war/peace
she favored the Greeks and helped Odysseus

The Cyclops;
he is the son of the sea god,Poseidon

-Ithaca: Odysseus’s homeland

-Telemachus: Odysseus’s son

-Penelope: Odysseus’s faithful wife

-Hermes: Messenger god Odysseus leaves after the Trojans are defeated and.... Poseidon Not him HIM -Rhapsodes: “Singers of tales” were the historians and entertainers, as well as the myth-makers, of their time

-Homeric or heroic similes: Extended comparisons that compare heroic or epic events to simple, easily understandable, everyday events - events the audience would recognize instantly ^^dis is Odysseus "o hai!" Penelope is loyal.. Athena
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