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Religious Imagery in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Katie Ducich

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Religious Imagery in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

“My sister felt the angel pass by” (18) Santiago's Death as a Sacrifice Marquez uses religious imagery of Christ, saints and angels to illustrate the sacrifice in Santiago's death and his innocence. Quotes Major Themes
Devon Davenport Katie Ducich and Michael Hah Imagery Presentation “Santiago Nasar put on a shirt and pants of white linen” (5) Santiago and Angela both committed indiscetion
Santiago dies
Angela lives on, eventually ending up with Bayardo, the man she loves
Without Santiago's death, Angela could not have moved on, because she would have had to marry him to regain her honor
Santiago's death is a sacrifice that allows Angela to move on from her sin
Similar to Christ-> dies so people can be forgiven for their sins and move on to live happy lives Religious Imagery “It looked like a stigma of the crucified Christ” (75) During the autopsy Santiago is described as looking like the "crucified christ"
The wounds through his palms coupled with the gashes on his sides made him appear with much likeness to Jesus during his crucifixion.
"Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water"
John 19:34 image of Christ's crucifixion
"Jesus said, Reach out and touch Me. See the punctures in My hands; reach out your hand, and put it to My side; leave behind your faithlessness, and believe.”
John 20:27 “He had a deep stab in the right hand” (75)

“The knife went through the palm of his right hand” (117) “She told us about the miracle but not the saint” (100) innocence
Christian imagery
At the time of Jesus's crucifixion, he wore a tunic of white linen before being hung on the cross to die
not only is the image of an angel strongly connected with religion, but the context also implies further involvement.
mentions the good fortune in being associated with Santiago
Santiago dies in order to preserve Angela and even Flora's honor. Innocence of Santiago Santiago is described by the imagery of Christ, saints and angels.
When people think of this imagery, they relate it to good and innocence.
We do not know Santiago besides what others characters tell us about him.
This imagery has a huge effect on readers because it one of the only ways through which we can make judgements about Santiago.
Therefore this imagery causes the reader to see Santiago in a positive light and question his innocence
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