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Typography Vocab

No description

Desiree Judd

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Typography Vocab

The part of a lowercase letter, as b, d,
f, h, that rises above x-height The letters or characters used in writing by hand;
handwriting, especially cursive writing Is the imaginary line upon which a line of text rests The enclosed or partially enclosed circular
or curved negative space (white space)
of some letters such as d, o, and s Set above the base line at approximately
the level of the hyphen A unit of measurement that is the standard for
measuring type and is used for measuring depth
of printing A specific typeface in a specific point size and style Font Point Script Ascender Decender Baseline Counter Centered The space between lines of type The little extra stroke found at the end of main vertical
and horizontal strokes of some letterforms Type which does not have serifs — the little extra strokes
found at the end of main vertical
and horizontal strokes of some letterforms Cap Height is the amount of distance that exists
from the top of the capital letters to the baseline The serifs are square and larger, bolder
than serifs of previous typestyles A style of typeface that features elaborate
thick to thin strokes and serifs Characterized by high contrast between
thick and thin strokes and flat serifs The distance between the baseline of a
line of type and tops of the main body of
lowercase letters (excluding ascenders or descenders) Cap Height Leading Serif X Height San Serif Modern Slab Serif Blackletter Decorative The degree of contrast or variation between
the thick and thin strokes of a given letter Uneven ending to paragraphs The defined space down the text Making the type fancy The adjustment of space between pairs of letters to
make them more visually appealing No spacing between the letters Alignment to the right Alignment to the left Widening text characters, not the spacing
between the characters The design of an alphabet or set of characters A typesetting unit of measurement commonly
used for measuring lines of type Tracking Kerning Pica Flush Right Flush Left Justified Rivers Rag Hierarchy Contrast Stretch Condensed Typeface Typography Vocabulary By: Desiree Judd
the part of a lowercase letter
that goes below the body The adjustment of space for groups of letters and entire
blocks of text Use of size, weight, placement and spacing to express parts of a document or page and their relitive importance
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