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Kelahre Claypool

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Barcelona

History Founded By Phoenicians And Carthagtinians
Named After Carthagtinian Ruler Hamilcar Barca
Romans Arrived In 1st Century B.C. & Changed The Capital Of Spain From Tarraco (Tarragona Now ) To Barcino (Barcelona Now)
Gained Independence From Carolingian Empire In The Year 988
Officially Declared Independence In 17th Century After A Few Wars Airports
Aerial Tramways
Walking Culture The city has 2000 years of history. Barcelona Keyara M. KeLahre' C. Emilio C. Eddie C. The Summer Olympics Athletes Tourist Attractions Sagrada Família ( A Church Made In The 1800's)
La Rambla ( A Famous Street )
Columbus Monument ( Built In The 1800's In Honor Of The Explorer ) Types Of Food Cargols ( Snail )
Coca ( A Thick Toast )
Crema catalana ( Custard with a caramel top )
Patatas bravas ( Fried potatoes with a spicy sauce ) Transportation The City History Museum: A Midieval Building that was once a royal residence. National Museum of Art of Catalonia : Holds a well known Collection of Romanesque art. Erotic museum of Barcelona : the first musuem with erotic art. Sagrada Família La Rambla José María Abarca: Water Polo

Pol Amat : Hockey

Daniela Anguita : Alpine Skiing These Athletes Have Been in The Olympics. Performers There are Mainly street perfomers located in Las Ramblas.
Most Of The Performers Play Human Statues. Medicine Laws Practices of medicine
We teach a total of 4 16-hour police classes ( 64 hours), with successful students prepared for bilingual certification. We also include our 3 33-hour police classes (99 hours). For fire & paramedics, we offer 1 33-hour class & we provide 2 16-hour classes (32 hour) of medical Spanish. Health Care System Based on universal healthcare, non-residents and tourists (and even people living in the country illegally) are never denied treatment. Sometimes non-resident patients are charged (either directly or via their national social security system) for treatment Tourists from EU countries can receive free treatment in Spain for up to three months, after which a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is necessary. Private Healthcare in Spain Care at private hospitals and clinics in Spain is either paid directly or, most often, through a private insurance carrier. The main benefit of contracting private health insurance in Spain is to avoid the sometimes long wait times to see a doctor associated with the public healthcare system.

Private healthcare companies also offer quicker service to patients and offer value-added services such as private rooms, express mailing of test results and keeping patients informed via email and SMS messages. Hospitals 23 hospitals in this area
389 hospital beds per 100, 000 people Security Requirements Crime Crime increased in the past 3 years
Crime increased by 44.51%
The most popular crime that occurs in robbery Patatas Bravas Coca Crema Catalana Cargols Hotels Mercer Hotel Hotel Primero Primera Mercer Hotel
Hotel Primero Primmera
Alma Hotel
ABaC Hotel Fires During the general strike a Starbucks Coffee Shop was set on fire. (113 People were arrested. ) Mercer Hotel - 5 star
Alma Hotel - 5 star
Hotel Primero Primera - 4 star
ABaC Hotel - 5 star All four hotels ranked 1-5 out 529 hotels in
Barcelona. Terrorsism September 24th, 1893 General Pirseno Martinez Compos was saluting at a military parade when a bomb was thrown at him. (He Was Injured, Many Were Wounded, Only Two Were Dead. ) November 7th, 1893 Another Bomb was thrown into the stalls of the barcelona opera house. (Only Twenty Were Dead And Many Were Injured ). June 7th, 1895 A Third was thrown in the Corpus Christi. ( Twelve Were Dead, And Forty- Four Where Wounded.) March 29th, Alma Hotel April 19th, 2011 Mercer Hotel Hotel Primero Primera A man set fire inside the Sargrada Familia Church. The fired occurred in the church's Crypt. (No one was injured. ) Traffic ABaC Hotel 2012 Barcelona has a lot of traffic just like major cities but since 1992 Olympic Games the traffic has improved.
Barcelona has had a lot of car accidents in the past. Video Resturants Columbus Monument The Olympics Were Once Held In Barcelona On July 25th 1992 Crema catalana Annapurna
Cirkus Annapurna Basmati Bacoa Cirkus Past Olympic Entertainment Dancers
Montserrat Caballé Performed a duet with Freddie Mercury (Opening Ceremony)
Sarah Brightman and José Carreras (Closing ) Logo Post Game Use We Will Use The Village After The Olympics For Sports Teams To Practice In Or Have Games. opening and closing ceremony
Performances Lil Wayne And Drake Perform For Our Opening Our Closing Performers Will Be Chris Brown And Nicki Minaj Entertainment Cost It Will Cost $11.4 billion Dollars For Entertainment. Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo, shot a flaming arrow lighting the Olympic flame cauldron The opening ceremonies will be hosted at the Palau D'Esports Granollers We will have 3 different acts Sponsors Coca Cola
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