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Current Events

My current events project in social studies

Jeri Wilcox

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Current Events

Current Events Jeri Wilcox Mammoth Carcass Found in Siberia This article does not have the name of the author, it was published on August 30 2012, and it was published on BBC.com. The Paralympics, hosted in London, England, are just like the Olympics but they are for people who have physical and mental disabilities. From 164 countries, over 4,000 athletes a competing. England's Queen Elizabeth officially opened the 2012 Paralympics and Wednesday. About 80,000 people where there for the opening ceremonies. Sarah Storey, a cyclist, could soon win her eighth gold metal. A swimmer from the US, Victoria Arlen, might not be able to continue playing in the games because she might not be disabled enough. On the first day of the Paralympics they started out with track cycling, wheelchair basket ball, shooting, and swimming. For judo, shooting, swimming, and cycling there are 28 golds out to get on Thursday. Jonnie Peacock outran Oscar Pistorius and broke the world record at the same time. I chose this article because I really like the Olympics but I have never seen the Paralympics. I also wanted to learn more about the them. When I read this I thought if the Olympics and how I really like them. I think this article is important because it is about the whole world, all together. The Paralympic games get under way in London This article was was written on Monday, September 3, 2012, and it does not have the name(s) of the author(s) who wrote it and was published on NPR.org. Merrill Lynch from Bank of America is thinking about sending some trucks over to Greece that are filled with cash so when their money is unavailable they will use our money to pay each other. Some European leaders think that the continent will manage their debt and will keep the Euorozone intact.Some people are taking no chances. They have created for Americans that are reserved for whatever type of currency they will use. Some companies have been asking very detailed questions like 'If a news release comes out on a Friday night announcing that Greece has pulled out of the euro, what do we do?' Mario Draghi, European Central Bank President, is going to talk about a bond buying program that will lower the borrowing cost for debt full governments including Italy and Spain. Germanies central bank does not like this idea , they say it has too many risks. I chose this article because I thought it seemed interesting that Greece might not use euros any more. I can relate this text to me because I visited Greece once. this event is important because it may change Greece alot. Truck Full Of Cash: US.Firms Make Plans For Greece Euro Exit Written by Chris Lehman and published on September 19 and published on NPR.org. A ten by one hundred feet wall stands in down town Corvallis Oregon. The wall is decorated with a peaceful scene of the country in Taiwan on half of it and a protesting monk setting himself on fire on the other half of the wall. The business man, David Lin, that designed the mural say that we cannot ignore people burning themselves to death. China insists that the wall come down before China and the US do not like each other. The Mayor of Corvallis was surprised to hear this. She wrote back that it is protected by a part of the US constitution. After hearing this a few Chinese officials flew to Oregon to speak with the mayor and she said that even if she would take down the wall, she wouldn't. The Chinese says that they where offended by it. Lin is concerned about his safety in his building with the wall on it, so he keeps a gun at his desk. I chose this article because it sounded interesting, also, not only did it involve something in the eastern hemisphere, also something in the US. I can connect this article with the world because people can get offended verry esily. This article is important because It may change how china looks at the US. Why does China Want a Mural in Oregon Destroyed? Spark Mammalian Surprise: African Mouse Can Regrow Skin This article was published on September 26 2012, on NPR.org and was written by Nell Greenfieldboyce. In this article they are talking about a man who decided to start studding animals that regrow their tails, arms, legs, ect. He knew that only reptiles can do that and no mammal can. But when he was talking to a friend about it his friend mentioned a mouse called the African spiny mouse. It , when captured, would shed part of its skin and escape its predator. This mouse could do so without having any scars of anything left. It would even grow its hair back. The man that wanted to study the regrowing concept did not believe his friend. Finally, when it had come up somewhere else a while later he decided to look into this.He said that he went to Africa, where the mice were found and set up some traps. Eventually he caught a mouse and found out that its skin was really weak so that it would break loose and be free. I chose this article because I really like mice and it sounded interesting, a mouse shedding its skin. I can connect this with my self because I have always wanted a mouse for a pet and I think that it is interesting that animals can lose and regrow limbs. This is important because if we learn more about this mouse maybe we could find a way to minimize scars when we lose skin. This article was published on October 5 on BBC.com but it does not say who wrote it. This article is about a mammoth carcass found about 2,200 northeast of Moscow. the 11-year old boy came across it at the end of August.It took five days to safely get the entire mammoth out of the mud. The mammoth was about 2 meters tall and was estimated to be around sixteen years old. The mammoth was very well preserved. He was named Zhenya after the boy who found him. Scientists think he was killed by hunting humans or enemy mammoth. there also was a mammoth found in Russia that had strawberry blond fur. I chose this article because I like mammoths. This article reminds me of when I was in third of fourth grade there was a mammoth found. This article is important because we don't know much about mammoths and it is interesting when we find stuff about them French Beekeepers in Ribeauvill abuzz over blue honey This article was written on October 4th and put onto BBC.com but it does not say who wrote it. This article is about a strange blueish greenish colored honey that bees in France are producing. The beekeepers think that is a biogas plant near the bee farm that is causing the oddly colored honey. Some people think that the bees are eating the blue shells from blue M&Ms. a spokes man from where they have the biogas plant says they notesd the blue honey at about the same time as the beekeepers did. He also said they will try and stop it. the company that makes M&Ms said they will try and do better with their waste. The idea was thrown out that the sugar from the candy coating might have gotten into the honey other than the bees eating it. a harsh winter made it so that there weren't very many good sugar sources so the beekeepers had to give them sugary syrup. The blue honey is unsellable. I chose this article because it just seemed interesting, blue honey. This article reminds me of those little tubes of honey they soled at stores. This article is important because what if the bees are sick and is contagious, then all bees could get it. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Despite Greek economy, Athens cupcake business thrives This article was written by Jim Zarrcoli and was published on October 4 on NPR.org. It is about a cupcake shop in Athens that is doing really well even though Greeks economy isn't doing very well. The shop owner was an American but was originally from Greece. She decided to go back to Greece and start an American style pastry store. She had to deal with all the odd financial things they had there. She could give her suppliers a check with a post-date on it. She also has to give her employees an extra months salary at Christmas and at Easter. Another bad thing about bringing an american pastry to Greece is that she had to teach all her employees how to make American style cupcakes. The owner just hopes that her buisnes will thrive. I chose this article because I really like cupcakes and is seemed really interesting. I can relate this article to another one that I did about Greece and it's economy. This article is important because it is saying how small businesses can do really well even in a bad economy. This article was written by Sylvia Poggioli and was published on NPR.org on October 9. This article is about how German Catholics are trying to tell everyone that they believe that doing good things will help you get into heaven, but there is a price to pay, cash. In September the bishops in Germany told the Catholics that is you don't pay the churches taxes, you aren't going to heaven. Germany is one of the only Country's that believe that. Because of this new rule, the church has gotten $6.5 billion last year. Some people are getting really angry. One woman says that she pays but she thinks that it is completely unacceptable. The amount of people going to those churches are getting smaller too. in 2010 about 200,000 people left the church, normally it is 100,000 people that leave. Most people that come criticize the leadership of the church. I chose this article because I thought is sounded interesting. I can relate this article to how we are doing religions in class right now.This aricle is important because of the amount of people that are leaveing the churches. German Catholics Path To Heaven Comes with Taxes. I shared my collage of pictures with Mrs. Martin on google docs
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