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Life at ILMS

All about my school

Leslie Calderon

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of Life at ILMS

Indian Land Middle School Dress Code
The students have to wear Yellow,blue
white,khaki and

The teachers are very
nice and has very good
typing skills Friends
Here at ILMS friends help
each other when they need
it. There are LOTS of kids
that are really nice. Lunch
At ILMS lunch here
is really nasty
Favorite Subject
MY Favorite subject
is science because
i get to do lots of
Sports at ILMS
are awsome and educational.
Football Basketball and cheerleading etc. Social Life
Here in Indian Land
we talk at lunch.So far i've made lots of
Techonolgy here
at ILMS is wonderful and very
helpful almost all teachers have
the smartboard and at least 3
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