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No description

Jamie Baugher

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Blendspace


Problem One
During an observation have you LOST the link to the YouTube video about photosynthesis?
Problem Two
Have you been teaching a lesson and misplaced that ONE photograph of George Washington you
Problem Three
Are you constantly asked by your administration for "student feedback" about your lessons during your post observation meetings?
IF you said YES to any of those questions...
Blendspace is the place for you! It is an online tool that helps you save instructional time by placing all of your teaching mediums (paper, videos, images) all in one digital workplace. It also allows students to have the opportunity to provide feedback to the teacher by "liking" or "disliking" content and leaving comments - almost like Facebook.
LEt's check it out with this tutorial
The easiest way to blend your lesson plans and students with digital content
Special Features
-It's FREE!
-All your information on one webpage
-You can import your own lesson plans
-Includes video, pictures, lesson plans, Google Searches
-Can share lesson plans through Dropbox, QR Codes, or Gooru
-Ideal for collaboration - you can share your lessons with others
-You can monitor student learning because they can give you feedback with likes and dislikes, and they can also leave comments
-You can search by Common Core, Math and Language Arts

Here's our example Blendspace
on Internet Saftey
Want to Check it out and create your own blendspace?
You can type in your web browser:

it redirects you to:

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BlendSpace Tutorial. (2014, March 28). Retrieved January 18, 2016, from
First, there's an internet
pdf to read...
Then, a youtube video about internet saftey
Finally, a fbi web search site!
And internet saftey actvities and lesson plans already made!
Copy and paste into your web browser or click on this link!
-Student registration is an extra step
-Quizzes are only multiple choice format
-Quizzes cannot be edited/added from an IPad or tablet - you must be on your desktop computer
-Some TES lessons shown are not free - you must buy them
-The limit to upload is 100MB, but there is a work around. You can download a larger file from your Google Drive or Dropbox account
-You have to "add your class" to get a code for students and have the students register to track lessons, assessment results and comments in lesson plans
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