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Which frozen liquid will melt the fastest?

Scientific Method Project

Candace Kanney

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Which frozen liquid will melt the fastest?

Scientific method Frozen Liquid Which frozen liquid will melt the fastest? Conclusion: If I freeze mountain dew, apple juice, and gatorade then gatorade will melt the fastest. Paper
Mountain Dew
Apple Juice
Measuring Cup Materials: 1) Gather Materials
2)Write Hypothesis
3) Poor 250mL of each liquid into separate cups
4) Put the three cups into a freezer for 45 minutes
5) After 45 minutes take the cups out of the freezer
6) While the liquids melt make observations
7) Record Data in order from which liquid melted the fastest to the one that melted the slowest
8) Do experiment until you have completed three trials
9) Make an average
10) Write a conclusion Procedure: Results: Question: Hypothesis:
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