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No description

Hiba Mirza

on 26 July 2017

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Transcript of A TINY FEAST

Main Characters
Major Conflicts
Hiba Mirza
In the short story " A Tiny Feast", Chris Adrian suggest that a parent's love and protectiveness over their child is helpless when facing the brutalness of a slow creeping death.Through the use of tropology and the character Titania, it is evident that, even the immortal face the cruel reality associated with the passing of a loved one.
The I.V. Pole is a symbol of the death creeping up on the boy
" He had to wear a mask, and his I.V. pole usually accompanied him, but these seemed not to bother him at all, so Titania tried not to let them bother her" (6).
Throughout the story we see the boy's health drastically deteriorate.As the I.V pole follows behind him,life is slipping out of his grasp and death is slowly advancing forward.This symbolizes the power of death sudden visitation and its merciless collection of souls. The I.V pole much like death is silently following behind the boy and when the medicine in the I.V is no longer able to help, death will finally strike.
Love is personified through the character Titania while death is personified through the boy's illness, to display that, love is powerless when put against death
" She could do nothing for someone she loved. So all the desperate hope she directed at the boy was made manifest around her in rising blood counts and broken fevers and unlikely remissions"(11).
Being immortal, Titania can not comprehend the illness and grief that is so normalized in the mortal world. Although she has the power to heal, she finds herself powerless when it comes to her son. Love is personified through Titania because being the queen of fairies puts her in the position of immense power therefore amplifying her love. However, when put against death the power of her love diminishes.
Titania's advisor would be Offered
Both have felt grief and suffering
" A mothers love never dies"
Advice is given to try to comfort and sympathize with Titania's loss
Titania would feel relief to know she is not alone
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