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Twilight Saga

No description

Jailene Yat

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga is a fantasy series. In it are werewolves and vampires.
Bella is a normal teenage girl from Phoenix , Arizona. She moves to Forks,Washington to move in with her father. There she falls for a guy with a family secret. He turns out to be a vampire along with his whole family. This is her story.
Edward Cullen
(a vampire)

Jacob Black
(a werewolf)

Bella Swan
Turned into a vampire by Carlisle, her adopted, 'Father.' When Carlisle found her, she was abused by her fiancee and his friends and was almost dead. Her power is beauty. She is the third member of the family turned. She is dating Emmett.
Emmett was found by by Rosalie, after being mauled by a bear. She has Carlisle change him into a vampire. His power is strength. He is the fourth member changed by Carlisle. He is dating Rosalie.
Edward is the first family member turned by Carlisle. He was turned by the wish of his mother. He was dying of the Spanish Influenze in 1918. He is forever seventeen. His power is mind reading. Though he can not read Bella's mind.
Esme is the second member of the family turned into a vampire. She jumped off a cliff after she lost her child, in child birth. Carlisle turns her into a vampire and they become a couple.
Carlisle was turned into a vampire by a rogue. He was once a priest like his father. They hunted vampires. After he turned he left and went in the woods. He drank animal blood. He then became a doctor to control himself around humans. His power is self-control.
Alice was turned by an unknown vampire. Her power is to see possibilities in the future. She saw the Cullen's in her future, so found them and joined them. She is dating Jasper.
Jasper was turned by a female vampire Maria. She turned him to be a part in her newborn army, when he was a solider in the South. He was Maria's right hand man in her newborn army. He decided to escape her army and Alice found him. He is the newest member in the family and a new turned vegetarian.
Twilight series
Twilight is a book series that turned into a series of movies. It has drama, fantasy, and has romance.
The Volturi are equivalent to vampire royalty. They live in Volterra, Italy. There are three vampire leaders in the Volturi, Cauis, Marcus, and Aro. The Volturi recruit only vampires that are gifted. The rest of the Volturi are their guards and do their bidding. They Volturi have unwritten laws. The laws are to not create immortal children, hunt humans secretly, vampire creator's are responsible for their newborn vampires, attention must not be drawn and vampire should not be noticed when they are in the sun. Punishment for breaking the laws is death.
Renesme is the daughter of Bella and Edward. She has the ability to show others her thoughts. She is a half-human and half-vampire. She will stop growing until seven years and will look and have the mentality of an eighteen year old. Bella had her while she was still human. Though the birth was so painful Bella had to be turned.
Jacob is a werewolf. Werewolf genes skip a generation. All werwolves are male, except for one female wolf, named Leah Clearwater. Werewolves are immortal until they decide to give up their wolf and become a human. They become a werewolf when there are vampires near their territory. Jacob is the Alpha of his pack. He was in love with Bella until he found his imprint. An imprint is when a werewolf finds his soul mate. They will become whatever their soul mate needs, a friend, a brother, or a lover. Jacob imprints on Renesme.
Twilight is about Edward being found out by Bella that he is a vampire. They fall in love and date. When taking her out to watch him and his family play baseball, a trio of rogue vampires appear. They decide to hunt Bella and Edward kills James, who was mated to Victoria.
This is an introduction from Eclipse. Eclipse is when Victoria gets revenge on Edward for killing her mate, whom was trying to kill Bella and drink her blood.
New Moon
New Moon is about Edward leaving Bella and moving. Bella is in depression, and Jacob helps her out. Jacob turned out to be a werewolf. Jacob falls in love with her but she still loves Edward. She does crazy stunts so that she can see Edward in her mind telling her to stop. Alice sees her in her vision cliff diving and thinks her dead. The Cullen then tell Edward and he decided to provoke the Volturi to kill him. Alice gets Bella to stop him by showing herself to him in Italy. She stopped him from showing himself to humans by sparkling in the sunlight. The Volturi finds out about Bella finding out and wants her to become a vampire. They make an agreement that Bella would become one in a few years. Bella and Edward go back to Forks and date again.
Breaking Dawn
Bella and Edward get married while Jacob mopes. Bella gets pregnant with Ewards child on their honeymoon. Bella almost dies while conceiving the child and was turned into a vampire. She names the child Renesme. It takes three days to turn into a vampire and when she wakes up, Renesme has grown faster then a normal human child. They find out in seven years that she would have the body of an eighteen year iold and would be immortal.A vampire from the Denali Clan see Renesme and mistakes her for an immortal child. Alice sees in her vision that the Volturi would decide to visit. The Cullen's gather all their vampire friends over the years and they prepare for a fight against the Volturi. The Volturi then see that she is a half-human and half-vampire child and tell them they will be back in later years.
The End
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