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Bermuda Triangle

No description

Rachel Riepl

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Bermuda Triangle

Endnote Preface Endnote Collage This collage contains some pictures of the different disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. I chose this genre because it was easy to do. The only difficulty I had was finding the pictures that were of the actual thing, there were a lot of models and few results. This genre shows how mysterious the Bermuda Triangle really is, no one knows the explanations for their disappearances but in my next genre, I talk about the top ten theories people have come to believe. Rachel Riepl
Mrs. Driscoll
English 10.5
10 April 2013 The Mystery of the
Bermuda Triangle Top Ten Theories Theories cont. Obituary Works Cited 1. Human error/Pilot disorientation
There is a lot of traffic in the area and then turbulent weather and currents. It is easy to
get lost. Even the slightest mislead you could get way off track. 2. Weather Patterns
Severe storms occur frequently. It's
in the middle of hurricane alley. Also the deepest trench lies under the triangle, try finding ships and planes in there. 3. Magnetic Fields
The Bermuda Triangle is one of the two places on Earth where compasses point
true north, as opposed to true magnetic north. This causes the compasses to go whack and lead pilots in the wrong direction. 4. Atlantis
Weird, but possible. People who believe in Atlantis believe that the remains of the energy cystals that were used to fuel this city are interfering with planes and ships' electronics. In 1970, a scuba-diver claims he found a mirrored pyramid around the Bahamas. 6. Government Testing
There is a government base called AUTEC its located in the middle of The Bermuda Triangle and the Navy test out subs, weapons, etc. But some people suggest that the government work with extraterrestrials that could affect planes' and ships' sonar. 5. UFOs/Aliens
Some believe there is a portal for interplanetary, interdimensional creatures. If human ships or planes get caught at the wrong time they could be stuck between dimensions. 7. Time Vortex
In 1970, pilot Bruce Gernon and his father came across a strange cloud that grew exponentially then morphed into a tunnel. They flew into that rotating vortex, a thick "electronic fog" surrounded the plane. His compass spun wildly and electrical sparks surrounded him. When the fog broke up they found themselves miles away from where he expected to be and much farther then they could have traveled. Leading to the theory a time vortex. 8. Methane hydrates
Beneath the surface lie pockets of trapped methane gas. The methane gas could bubble to the surface reducing density of water. I could sink a ship and if gas bubble up to the surface and got high enough into the air it could take down a plane. 9. Pirates
Another plausible theory could be pirates. It has been a problem before and there could still be some pirates lurking in the Bermuda Triangle's waters. 10. 11,000 year-old Comet
About 11,000 years ago, a comet may have crashed to Earth and lie deep on the ocean floor underneath the triangle. Theorists believe that this might have electromagnetic properties that could mess with navigational tools. No one has found it yet but the ocean is thousands of feet deep and filled with trenches, it's hard to find such evidence. Endnote In my last genre I talked about the top 10 theories explaining the Bermuda Triangle, each theory was different and had it's own evidence. It was a pretty easy genre to put together because I found it all on one source, that's why I decided to do it. It was also my favorite genre to do and by far the most interesting because of all the information and evidence. The Bermuda Triangle is a hard mystery to solve which leads me to my conclusion. Epilogue Flight 19, consisted of 5 TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers, left Fort Lauderdale on December 5, 1945 at 1:45. They left for a practice flight around the Bermuda Triangle. At 4:05 Rolland J. Koch, a radioman at Fort Lauderdale's control tower, heard that they were having trouble and their alarm went off. Several minutes later Cox tried to contact Taylor, Flight 19's instructor. He had no reply. Around 4:20 Taylor answered saying his compasses were out and he didn't know where he was. Taylor said they had passed over a small island but no other one was in sight. At 4:25 Strivers one of the pilots radioed and said he wasn't sure where they were. There were a few seconds of static and he continued, "Were entering white water." Another pilot called in and said "We're completely lost." At 4:28 Cox called Taylor again but there was no reply and that was the last they heard of Flight 19. No evidence has been found and the mystery of Flight 19 remains (Edwards). (Life) (Life) I decided to do this genre because it seemed to fit my topic very well. It really shows how weird the the Bermuda Triangle really is. This was a hard genre to do for me because it involved a lot of research and summarizing. I decided to do Flight 19 because it seemed like the most interesting and it was the most famous. Compared to other stories, this one had the most evidence yet not enough to solve the mystery. In my next genre I will be showing a collage of other disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Many planes and ships go through here but very few make it out. Probably one of the biggest mysteries of the world, The Bermuda Triangle. Many theorists have tried to hypothesize what causes the disapearances but not one of them have been correct. In this presentation I will be breaking down one of the those disapearances, I will present a collage of other disapearances, and also discuss the top ten theories and the reasons behind them. The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery everyone wants to know. I talked about one of the most famous disapperances, showed a collage of other disapperances, and I talked about the top ten theories that have been made. Although there are lots of theories there is little evidence to support any of them. This was a very interesting topic for me. I learned a lot and it was easier than writing an essay. I could be a lot more creative and it was fun. Researching this I can have my own opinion on the subject. So many disappearances, but yet none of them link together. I wonder if the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle will ever be solved.
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