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Diversion Hydro Power Plants

No description

Allison Bleasdale

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Diversion Hydro Power Plants

Diversion Hydro Power Plants
The Intro
Many people might not know it, but there are 3 different hydro power plants: Impoundment, Diversion, and Pumped storage. In this presentation we will be focusing on the Diversion Power Plant type.
Diversion Power Plants, also called run-off-river, channels a little part of a river into a turbine to convert into energy that we use each and everyday.
This is a diagram of how a Diversion Power Plant works.
Interesting Facts
Hydropower generates, in the USA, about 9% of total energy supply.
Every state uses hydropower.
Hydropower is a very efficient energy source because some turbines can achieve efficiency of 95% and more.
States that get the majority of their electricity from hydropower, like Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, have energy bills that are lower than the rest of the country.
We found a video that explains the different types of hydropower plants.
In the past, the Greeks used water and had it flow through a wheel to grind wheat into flour. The power of water was also used to saw wood, and power textile mills and manufacturing plants.
By Allison Bleasdale and Elena Cousino
Pros and Cons
renewable energy source
clean fuel source
good for flood control
more environmental than Impoundment or Pumped Storage
interrupts habitats
Our Opinion
Our opinion on Diversion Power plants is that even though it is costly, it's very environmental and preserves the habitats better than Impoundment and Pumped Storage plants. It converts a lot of energy, and is always a good source/backup source.
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