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No description

lauren Scott

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Prezume

Lauren Scott's Prezumé Lauren Scott Scottlu@mail.uc.edu Phone # (330) 564-3009 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI I am a Proud Bearcat at the..... Born & raised in a suburb outside Akron, Ohio
I attended Copley High School and graduated June 2010 with honors
Also was a server in the restaurant at Holiday Retirement Home: Copley Place for 3 years Member of Social Sorority Delta Delta Delta since 2010 Vice President of Membership Of the Oldest and Largest Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi Member since Fall 2010
Other Positions held:
Social committee
Director of Public Relations Member of UC's International Business Club since 2012 create awareness of other countries cultures
visit high schools to educate personal travels abroad Work Experience Holiday Retirement: Copley Place Part-time Server
May 2008-December 2010 Provide meals, drinks, and various other foods to roughly 80 senior citizens per shift
Clean multiple areas by numerous tasks including busing, sweeping, and resetting every table per shift
Assist with the planning and maintenance of monthly activities such as dances, car washes, carnivals, and holiday decor White House|Black Market Seasonal Sales Associate
May 2012-July 2012 Exercise extraordinary customer service to help build and maintain customer clientele
Perform various sales and register transactions of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise per shift
Participate in visual directives including monthly store sets and daily zone maintenance Momentum Marketing Internship Campaign Leader/ Brand Ambassador
June 2012-January 2013 Meet company sales goals of over a 1,000 dollars per day by utilizing sales techniques and sharing product knowledge to the customer
supervise and lead roadshows to promote products of new business ventures
Manage, train, and build a team of brand ambassadors to effectively work the company systems
Network with over 60 managers and company owners weekly to maintain information on roadshow events Human Resources Manager
January 2013-Present Recruit and schedule 50-60 phone interviews for the hiring manager daily
Practice refined customer service skills on the phone
Post advertisements on college career services and other websites
manager social media and websites Expected Date of Graduation: April 2014
GPA: 2.8
Major: International Business & Marketing
Minor: Spanish Study Abroad: Costa Rica Universidad VERITAS Study Spanish and business for 3 months in San Jose, Costa Rica "Be the change you wish to see in the world..."
-Gandhi prezi.com/user/laurennnscottt I want to be the
next Prezi ambassador for the University of Cincinnati!!! Why would I be the best ambassador for UC's Campus? I believe I have the perfect skill set and the proper connections to effectively promote Prezi throughout UC's campus
I am apart of diverse organizations that would be more than willing to help me succeed
I have experience in brand awareness and selling a brand
I get excited to do presentations since I have figured out how to use prezi
Prezi has helped me become more passionate with my school work I would like to share that with others The Prezi Value I adore.... We admire monkeys, Joan of Arc, and Jean-Luc Picard I love this value because I feel that I am diverse and eager to learn about the culture, work, and interests of my friends, co-workers, family, pretty much everyone I meet! I love to explore, take adventures, try things I have never tried before! For example, my adventure to Costa Rica was on a whim and was the best time of my life! I had to meet all new friends, try new foods, and adventure to place i never dreamed about! Action Plans 1. Presenting the benefits of using Prezi to my professional Business Fraternity
2. Talk and teach University professors how to effectively teach a class using Prezi
3. Talk to freshmen classes about using Prezi since they are the future of our University
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