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04.04 Obstacles

No description

Hafsa Nasim

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of 04.04 Obstacles

04.04 Obstacles
Scenario #1
The Smiths want to buy a new house. However, it's not that simple. They have a lot to consider before they make a decision. For example: cost, location, size, etc. In the end they have to decide between two houses - an apartment in the city or a house in the suburbs.
After realizing they weren't looking at problem from both sides they decided to spend a day at the suburban house. This made them realize that the suburban house was, in fact, the best choice, despite their denial in the beginning. They also saw the huge backyard space as an opportunity to extend certain parts of the house to make it the perfect size for them and to add a pool which they always wanted.
Initially, they were very confident that they would never live in the suburbs. They also suffered from belief perseverance. Despite all the advantages of the suburban house, they were still stuck on the idea of the city apartment which was way out of their price range and not big enough. The suburban house also provided them with a huge backyard which they didn't think much of how they could utilize it beside its normal purpose. They were functionally fixated.
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